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Comparison Between Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple iPad 2

Samsung Galaxy S3(i9300) is an Android Smartphone which is the device of third generation of Galaxy S Series. This is the fastest Smartphone among all the galaxy series phones. This is very much slimmer and light in weight.

Description: – The technology that it has is the latest that includes quad core processor, 4G support with camera in front face and also with super display. It has elegantly compact sleek design with metallic finish into the edges having 4.8 inch screen with a Home button.

Samsung Galaxy S3 has being installed with the latest Android 4.0.4 OS ICS which belong to one of the latest technology that are available today. The android version that is installed in the device is the latest version and provides more excellent features than other android Smartphone. The exceptional features that it has are Smart Alert, Smart Stay, S Voice, and Direct Call. The ram, processor and the graphic that is provides are the top rated version that is available in today’s market. Samsung Galaxy S3 has 1.4GHz Exynos 4 Cortex-A9 quad-core processor which helps to do multi task at the same time without any obstruction or lagging. This enables to use different high power applications like HD videos and games and gives the strong competition to the other android quad core phones. Samsung Galaxy S3 also has extended 1GB Ram that supports to do lot of multimedia activities. The graphics that it has is excellent and is provide by the Dual Mali-400 GPU which enable for playing HD games and also helps to watch HD videos of 1080p from YouTube without any hiccups. The sensors that it has are also is one of the latest that includes RGB sensor, proximity, compass, accelerometer, barometer and gyro. It has a large internal memory which is 16/32/64 GB. For playing flash games and facebook games it has adobe flash 10.1 and HTML. For faster internet serving it has Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/h, Wi-Fi Direct etc.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone is launched first at Europe region at the end of May 2012 and later to other regions of the world.

Apple iPad 2

At the present stage of the world of technology, there are various scopes to encapsulate the huge world into a small capsule. Various uplifts and developments in the field of science and technology are taking place which are giving rise to various electronic products from various brands. Among these brands, a huge contribution to the world of technology has been provided by a renowned brand named Apple Inc. One of the latest productions of Apple is the Apple iPad 2.

It is the iPad of the second generation which is basically a modified designed model of tablet computer. Mostly all the facilities of a computer are provided by Apple iPad 2. It works as a platform for audio media, video media, movies, games, music, periodicals, presentations, books and web supports. Apple iPad 2 has an especially designs battery that gives the backup upto 10 hours called lithium-ion polymer battery.

Apple iPad 2 comprises of a processor of dual core specialized by Apple A5. Its camera is modified to VGA front facing and 720p rear facing. The cameras in the very iPad are specially modified to support FaceTime video calling. There are variations in this model of Apple iPad 2 in terms of their storage capacities which may be 16GB, 32GB or 64GB. It may also vary in terms of the two connectivity options, viz., only wi-fi or wi-fi along with cellular connection. Each of the above discussed variation is readily available in two colours of the front glass panel; those colours are white and black. Apple Inc. launched Apple iPad 2 on 2nd March, 2011. Since then this product of Apple Inc. was marketed online and also Apple started selling it in various retail stores. Apple inc. finally started releasing its Apple iPad 2 in 25 other countries from 25th March, 2011. These countries included Australia, Canada and West Europe. This was also released in Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and many other countries on 29th April, 2011.

This contributed a great enhancement to the world of technology and presently it’s one of the best productions of Apple Inc.


As these two belongs to the huge brands they are very much compatible and must buy product for this session of era . Compare between these two and make your own choice which one you want to buy .

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