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Common Problems of Acer Laptop Users When Connecting to a Wireless Internet

The latest technology in laptop computers nowadays is the superb internet connectivity. Most of the laptops in the market today are equipped with wireless capabilities to connect with the internet. Acer is not exempted to that development. They even topped in the connectivity survey conducted by some IT researchers.

However, there are some problems most Acer users encounter when connecting to wireless internet. Would it be the Acer’s internet connectivity platform or just the common mistakes of the users? In this article we will discuss the common problems they encounter and the possible solution to it.

Here are some of the problems Acer laptop users’ encounters:

Cannot connect to a wireless internet connection

Most users especially the new ones have this problem of connecting to the internet. It is because they don’t know how to troubleshoot Acer laptop or their internet connection.


  • Use the Network troubleshooter in Windows 7. It will show you the step by step ways to connect to the internet. You can find the network troubleshooter by going to the control panel. If your problem cannot be solved there, a link will appear to for further guidance.
  • If you still cannot connect to the internet, try checking your router and cables. Sometimes, it is not the laptop alone which to blame. Check the router it is synced to the laptop. Would you try to check the drivers if it is installed in your laptop, then you will analyze the root cause of the problem.
  • Delete the unsecured networks that you don’t identify. These networks may interfere to your legit connections. Once they are not deleted, your internet connection problems will be still present.

Connected but cannot browse the internet

Some Acer users can encounter this problem of being connected but cannot browse the internet. For this reason, they blame it right away to Acer not knowing that it may be because of their present network settings.


  1. Update the drivers that may be too old for the laptop. It includes the drivers of your wireless network adapter. Sometimes the problem with internet connection could be blamed to drivers which are not updated to new software releases.
  2. If you can see a connected icon but does not still allows you to browse the internet, then you may want to check the antivirus and the firewall setup of your computer. You can turn it off for a while if it really caused the problem or not.
  3. If you proved that the antivirus and the firewall are not the culprits for your internet connection problems, and then check the proxy settings of your computer. Sometimes, proxy settings are manipulated if there are too many computers are sharing in the network.
  4. Lastly, if you find it difficult in your part to troubleshoot the internet connection problems with your Acer laptop, grab the telephone and call their customers service center. I am sure they can help you by giving you thorough instructions.

Author Bio:- Mr. Jashon Wills is a computer network specialist that loves to write blogs and article in the internet to help individuals with problems related to his field of specialty. As a simple family guy, he loves to play with his 2 twins namely John and Jorge during weekends. With high hopes that he could help others with his simple knowledge about computers, he regularly submits articles and blogs related to technology, computers and communication. If you want to read more about his articles, please click here.

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  • Jasmine Kinney

    November 26, 2012, 3:30 am

    Acer will charge $99.00 for a one-time solution for any computer over one year old.


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