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Common Mistakes of Social Media – Avoid Them!

If you are looking to market your brand using social media, then it is necessary to have the basic knowledge in order to avoid the common mistakes that are usually made by the brands. The bottom line of achieving your goals for your brand marketing using social media is by developing the quality and productive relationships. However, there are many products that consistently make mistakes on social media that tends to damage them.

Reputation of the brand can be easily tarnished and important relationships are killed due to the certain factors or mistakes that are commonly made. The commonly made mistakes that should be avoided are as follows:

Continuous Broadcasting

The social media is used to market the brand through sales messages, but it is equally important to have a good relationship with the customers by listening and engaging them to develop a two way communication. Broadcasting the messages continuously without earning the trust of the people can make them indifferent about your brand. Therefore, the main objective is to engage the audience before selling the product. It can be done by listening to the problems of the people and taking their feedback.

Not Resolving problems On Your Social Profile

People may have problems with your brand and it is nothing unusual when they come to discuss their issues on your social profile. It is not professional to cut them off and ask them to contact the customer service. However, it is recommended to resolve all kinds of issues. In order to develop a good customer relationship, you are required to address the person promptly and immediately.

At times, the legal issues need to be resolved offline otherwise the majority of complaints and requests should be addressed publicly on social profiles in a friendly manner.

Hiding the person behind the social media

The employees of the brand that are working behind the social media interacting with the customers and followers should not be hidden behind the logo of the brand. It is necessary for the people handling the social responses to have a face and voice, so you can earn the trust of the people and develop good communication.

A comprehensive policy for the social media can be designed by the company to determine the way of interaction of the employees for resolving customer issues. The people working for the company represent the personality and public face of the brand correctly through social media.

Developing direct relationship with social media

The different ways of marketing, such as emails, commercials or advertisements cannot be used to develop a direct relationship. Therefore, it should be understood that brands using social media as a tool of direct marketing are not taking the things the right way. It has been a common habit that people think of formulas related to return on investment (ROI) and it is difficult to break.

A new mindset and concept needs to be adopted for social media to build good relationship and connection with your brand.

Author Bio:Gillian is a guest blogger and content writer. She holds a Bachelors degree in Communications with an emphasis on writing. She has written many articles on various topics. However, she has great research and experience about flooring. She loves to write about gulvafslibning.

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