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Collaboration on WordPress for Effortless Team Management

The growth of WordPress is mind boggling. It is the fastest growing CMS ever. There are now tens of thousands of developers who are creating amazing WordPress plugins, themes and solutions to deliver accessible websites to their clients. Further more and more media publishers are embracing WordPress for their content portals.

WordPress no doubt is a great CMS tool but today’s online newsrooms faced with falling CPMs and tough competitions are using smaller editorial staff that manages a broader group of internal and external contributors across multiple locations, while collectively producing much higher volumes of content to feed the Web’s 24/7 news cycle. This complex editorial workflow was very difficult to implement using WordPress until few months ago.

1. ContentCloud:


Betaout’s ContentCloud is an admirable platform for publishers. The ContentCloud plugin with its intuitive and user friendly interface accounts for a smooth and efficient editorial workflow. This plugin helps the publishers create assignments for their teams. Not only that, the publishers can also keep a track of the assigned work. They can always edit the content and send it back for further review. Feedback regarding the content are maintained on continuous basis and as such deadlines are easily managed.

The best part of ContentCloud that worked for me is that, I can plugin multiple WordPress sites for a single Betaout account and also I can create team members with different user roles. Editors can collectively work upon the assignment without any fuss within the interface.

2. Multisite User Management:

Multisite User Management

Multi User Management plugin solves the problem of individually accessing each site in your network. This plugin according to me is especially suited to web administrators with large blog networks or anyone who might want to add multiple users to multiple sites from a single dashboard. With Multi User Management, specified users can manage the permissions across your various sites.

Every site displays the list of users, who can be either added or removed any time and from any site. This plugin does not restrict you to your own created users list but you can also invite users who are not currently in your blog through normal invite process.

3. Post Forking:

Post forking is another WordPress plugin that enhances workflow to a great extent. It allows collaborative writing in teams as several authors work on the same article simultaneously. The content contributors who do not have any right on the article can also provide their input and can participate in the workflow. This plugin seems to suit my need, as I can get suggestions for my content not only from my team but also from the experienced content contributors all over the web.

4. Content Progress:

content progress

Content Progress plugin is another solution to my WordPress problem. This plugin adds icons to my content listings (Posts, Pages, and custom post types) displaying the status of the document being complete, incomplete or needing review. Surprisingly, this plugin auto detects any sort of empty posts or very small amount of content, allowing you to flag documents specifically. It also helps you to communicate in between groups by allowing you to add notes to each post.

5. Editorial Guidelines:

editorial guidelines

Editorial Guidelines plugin enable you to show a quick and small box next to the edit screens of both the page and post page what the editorial guidelines are. The content you add to the editorial guidelines can easily be edited. This plugin in my opinion would be put more to use as your WordPress activity grows and more contributors are added.

As an online publisher, I want my newsroom to be able to generate more content with better quality, all at a lower cost. I can’t commit the same mistakes for which traditional media has paid a fatal price. There are some enterprise Content Management Systems which give you great functionality but they demand a hand and a leg. Thanks to some genius WordPress developers, because of whom we do have these plugins to increase our efficiency many a folds.

These are the top five plugins on which i am completely dependent for an effortless team management on WordPress. Do share about your experience exploring them, your feedback is always welcome.

Author Bio:- Kate is a blogger by profession. She is a big fan of Lilly Allen and loves her various supports to numerous charities and wishes to contribute and work for charitable organization in her free time.

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