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6 Cloud Phones to Make Business Communications More Flexible

Now when a Cloud phone helps you in saving not only money but also a lot of valuable time, different telecommunication giants have started to offer this service to their valuable customers. Also known as the Internet phone, this particular device uses The Internet for everything, thus taking landline out of the picture.

As the web is being used to transfer calls from one person to another, now anyone who holds an internet connection can avail this service. It doesn’t limit the kind of internet one’s using, be it Wifi or 4G, if you have an internet connection, you can host your own cloud phone.

Talking about its advantages, Cloud phone holds a series of benefits for its users. With its usage, customers have the facility to merge landline and mobile devices to a single gadget, thus saving them a lot of time in the process.  Now with users who are involved in a business which is bound to grow in the coming years, they can use a Cloud phone to better their services that are combining landline and Mobile Devices, thus having a small but useful edge over their competitions in this regard.

Business Cloud Phones

Here are top 6 Cloud phones which are currently available in the market.

1:- Avaya Phone Systems

Just for $49.55 per month, it includes unlimited native calls, unlimited regional calls, a headset and many other features. And if you are planning to add the internet as well, it’s available for as low as $6.66 Per Month. Choosing Avaya phone systems over the others will help you save some money as well. They offer variety of plans which includes Unlimted local and national calls. 1300 Line Rental and headseats.

2: BT Cloud Phone

Focused on the small scale businesses, BT is offering a cloud phone having similar features to that of a landline system and that too in the cost much less than that of a landline. So when users can enjoy multiple features, they don’t have to worry about the cost or managing it on a daily basis.

With other features, this Internet phone provides a unique service of audio conference yo almost 1000 of its users at absolutely no cost. Apart from it, this Cloud phone allows its users to choose a particular set of regional phone numbers and providing phone services at those numbers at a cut price.

Talking about its working, this cloud phone can easily be managed via an online gateway.

3: Google Fiber Phone

New in the market, Google has launched this service which can be used on almost anything, varying from a Phone, tablet or even a laptop. So with no restriction in sight, this gadget is one to look for as far as Cloud Phone market is concerned.

Now when it comes to its running cost, this Phone charges $10 to its users and in return, provides unlimited calls in the entire country and that too for one whole month. Other than that this subscription includes call waiting, ID of the incoming caller and emergency services as well. Talking about its features, this phone can record the incoming voice mail and then send the resulting text via SMS or even as an Email message.

Nowadays Google is working to overcome the increase in demand for landline services by providing an efficient alternative to its customers. Ever since 2012, this Internet Giant has been providing high-speed fibre broadband in many US Cities, thus doing its framework for the incoming Cloud Phone. Atlanta, Kansas City and Austin are now some of the towns where Google has laid the fibre broadband successfully till date.

However, this Service being offered by Google is currently restricted to those areas where fiber broadband is installed at this moment. So with customers living outside States, they will have to wait a bit longer to grab this opportunity.

4: Ring Central Office

Having three different kinds of subscription plans, Ring Central Office charges its customers according to their usage. When their premium version is available at $34.99 per month, there is an enterprise version available as well which costs its users with $44.99 per month. But if you are planning to spend lesser than above mentioned plans, there is a standard version available for as low as $24.99 per month.

The higher-end plan being offered by this service includes various features such as recording call automatically, High Definition Voice Call and other similar functions. But if you are planning to pay more, Ring Central Office will provide you with further free minutes and a much-advanced version of High Definition Video Conference.

Other than that, Users can set up Ring Central Office with their already available analogue phones and for doing so, they just have to connect their Analogue Telephone Editor (ATA) to the Router. As a result, ATA will be able to translate the incoming digital phone calls to its own version.

5: Grasshopper

Available on an extraordinary condition of 1-month money back guarantee, this cloud phone can manage up to 800 numbers. Its other features include forwarding an incoming call to your office or even your mobile. With that, the Grasshopper also provides you with greetings that can be managed by yourself.

Talking about its subscription plans, you can go for as low as $12 from as high as $199 and that too for an entire month.

5: Call Cloud

Here you can select what kind of features do you want on your phone and will pay accordingly. But if you are opting to go for a full-fledged version, the cost is a minimal $14.95.

Having a fixed price offer, Call Cloud offers you a number of hardware devices in the same price. This includes Cordless phones, headsets and linking with other mobile devices.

Apart from it, Call Cloud can also link up with your Personal Computer, Android and other such software, thus helping you to manage your data in an imperious manner.

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