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Cloud Computing-Taking Business Softwares to a New Height

Typical applications and business softwares are always very complex and expensive. A layman cannot alone handle, configure or update such applications and systems. A team of experts and professionals is always required to set up, configure, install and upgrade such complex business softwares for the smooth running and synchronization of business data. A number of applications and softwares are required virtually by every firm, industry and business to manage and organize the figures and data. Because of such traditional and time consuming methods of running and installing business applications and softwares most companies end up having a little work done in the area of software development and compilation.

Shift from traditional business softwares to cloud computing services

With the advent of cloud computing, companies and firms can now avoid such time consuming methods. Cloud computing allow companies to just pay for what they require. And their vendors will perform the tasks related to hardware and software upgradation, configuration and installation. Majority of the companies now days are looking towards cloud computing services to perform a number of business tasks and functions like packaged applications delivery and a number of applications development at much less time and cost than traditional business software development methods.

What actually is cloud computing?

Cloud computing includes offering hosted services via internet. Cloud computing services have basically three components. First is Iaas meaning infrastructure as a service; then comes PaaS, meaning platform as a service; and finally SaaS, that means software as a service. The name cloud in the term cloud computing has derived its name from the cloud like symbol that is used in the illustrations to represent the internet based services in a number of diagrams. Cloud computing services can be accessed as per the consumer demands whether minute based or hourly; whether little or large scale, and the consumer just need to have a computer system and all the other tasks are managed by the vendors.

Cloud computing standards

The financial and network security companies demand that all the cloud computing service vendors should abide by and meet with international standards in delivering such services. Following are some of the standards that should be maintained in delivering cloud computing services.

1. Security

Vendors should have strict security policies to safeguard and ensure network, data, application and physical security of the consumer companies and to ensure all kinds of internal system policies and 3rd party certification.

2. Transparency

The vendors should provide the consumer companies with detailed information about the facilities, policies and reliability of the services. Companies should be informed about all the details related to data transactions, availability of the facilities and maintenance tasks.

3.  First class performance

Vendors should provide services without any interruption at fast pace and should provide the companies about all the figures and statistics regarding the performance.

4.  The vendors of cloud computing services should be able to recover and restore data in case of any disaster or malfunction.

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