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Cloud Backup Robot – Straightforward Backup Solution Loaded With Rich Features

Cloud Backup Robot is reliable and comprehensive software that copies your files automatically and send it to the clouds for storage. The app provides an intuitive and user-friendly solution for computer data backup like MSSQL Server databases, files, and folders.

Why cloud storage?

Benefits of cloud storage cannot be overlooked. At times, computers may get stolen or accidents can take place causing hard drive failure or viruses can mess things. Therefore, why wait for your valuable data to get lost forever, due to sudden disaster.

With SQL Server backup software all these negative circumstances get mitigated. In case, a situation arises, you can stay calm knowing that the data is secured safely in cloud storage services. Today, cloud storage provides more data security. Data is stored in an encrypted form on these platforms. In addition, it averts hackers from accessing your sensitive data.

Cloud Backup Robot

Why Cloud Backup Robot?

Backup through Windows-based computer is a tough one. Technical aspects confuse mild and novice computer users. Therefore, majority of them never conduct a backup and try abandoning this process mid-way. Cloud Backup Robot is designed to help users have their data backup process easily performed on Window based computers.

Cloud Backup Robot is an awesome software solution loaded with exclusive features like –

Setup & forget– The configuration process of this program is simplified. Users only have to choose the databases they need to backup as well as their location. It takes less than one minute for setup.

Multiple storage support – This software is compatible with well-liked cloud storage services like Google Drive, Amazon S3, Box, Dropbox, and OneDrive. You can even save backup copies on an FTP server or your computer hard drive.

Flexible scheduler – Just set a schedule for automatic backups. This allows you to relax, after initial installation because your data backups will be conducted regularly to the selected location.

Remote SQL Server backup – Installation of Cloud Backup Robot app on every computer for creating MS SQL Server backup is unnecessary. The program is designed to perform this remotely over the internet or LAN and the resulting backup file will be downloaded to your computer.

Consistency – Backup process does not disrupt MS SQL Server tasks.

Compression – Backups are saved in compressed form to ZIP archives.

Delete unnecessary backup copies – Configure the program to delete outdated backup copies automatically, so that you can save cloud storage or hard drive space.

Restoration – Restoring the databases from backups is a cool feature supplied within Cloud Backup Robot for FREE.

Cost of Cloud Backup Robot

When you invest in any kind of product or services, pricing is a vital factor to consider. Even if Cloud Backup Robot is rich in features, its price is rather competitive.

Three main licenses are provided with the software. Each one includes one-time purchase allowing users to employ it without expiration. The expensive license includes free unlimited updates and two cheap permits include software updates up to volume 1.9 only.

  1. Professional license – $179.95
  2. Standard license – $59.95
  3. Lite license – $29.95


The modern computer hardware is more reliable and fail-safe, but still these are exposed to theft and data corruption. Cloud Backup Robot is best bet to ensure the safety of your data, every time.

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