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Click.org – Super Targeted Advance Tool For Tracking Clicks and Traffic

Click.org is one of the powerful and All In One Marketing Tool which offers you some of the advance features that will change the way you monitor and monetize your traffic.


It is one of the best tool for tracking your conversions and doing split tests on any page. Create multiple landing pages and deploy the Click.org to track the conversions on it. It will find the one with best results for you.

Further more the conversion tracking is very accurate and the tool can integrate with any affiliate platform to provide you the most accurate result.

With its advance link tracking and cloaking functionality you can easily cloak your affiliate or any other link using the click.org domain or your custom domain. Link cloaking allows you to hide the destination URL of your link which helps to prevent commission theft and keeps the profits in your pocket.

It does not stop their. If you have a offer for certain countries then the built-in Geo Targeting feature of the tool allows you to display the page only to the specified countries.


If you want to send every visitor of the particular country to the page with its local language then you can also do that.

Even if the page or offer is not for a particular visitor, you can send that visitor to another page to offer something else. This is truly amazing.

The best of all if you want to redirect visitors based on their IP addresses then the built-in IP Rotation and Redirection feature allows you to redirect or restrict a user based on its IP address. Again this is a win win situation for you to monetize your traffic in a clever way.

The reporting is outstanding and you get real time self updated reports all the time to see how your traffic is performing. It can track the individual clicks to provide you the full details. For example from where the traffic came from, its country, origin and the web browser he/she is using. It will display the data in a graphic format too so that you can view at a glance. You can also export the reports in PDF or CSV format.

As I mentioned earlier you can also use your custom domain to brand your links. The custom domain does not need to be hosted on your server. You can simply point the domain to click.org server and add it under your account to use it. That is quite simple and straight forward.

The Mobile Browser Detection feature can detect the type of browser user is using on its smartphone and can redirect a user to the specified page.

The tool can easily be integrated with a WordPress Blog, Clickbank.com and Clickbetter.com. You don’t need to play with codes because everything is hosted on click.org and you just need to access the tool.

This tool is not yet available for public but if you would like to get the tool before the launch day then here is the link for beta testers. The tool is offered on a discounted price so make sure to avail the discount before the launch day.

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  • Sasikumar Krishnan

    October 11, 2013, 7:58 pm

    Great tool for tracking traffic. thanks for sharing 🙂


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