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Choosing Between an Android and iPhone is a Tough Decision

Choosing between an Android and iPhone is a tough decision.  Each operating system has their advantages as well as disadvantages over the other.  It all comes down to what you want out of your phone and what you’re going to be using it for.


Android wins this category hands down.  You can easily customize Android based phones in any way you want.  You can download an application and are not restricted to the pre-screening of applications like you are on an iPhone.  You’re free to listen to whatever media files you want, tether your phones internet to a PC, or torrent files.  In general Androids have more configuration options and give the user more control over their phone.

Ease of use

The iPhone like most Apple products is hailed as easy to use.  A beginner can easily pick up an iPhone and use it to its fullest potential.  When installing applications on Android devices you have to pay attention to what permissions that application requests.  Some applications might harm your phone, so being tech savvy enough to filter these applications is important.  With an iPhone, all applications are approved by Apple, so installing apps is easy.  The interface is easy to navigate, configuration options are self-explanatory.  The iPhone is all around designed for people that are just entering the smart phone market.


While both phones are secure, Androids are prone to users installing malicious files on them.  Like computers, smart phones can download and install viruses.  Apps with malicious intent are common on Android market due to the lack of oversight.  With Apple all apps are pre-approved for download by Apple.  This eliminates fake apps and malicious apps from the market.  Such restrictions come at a price however.  Many legitimate applications such as uTorrent and VLC are denied by Apple for little to no reason at all.


With Android devices there are many manufactures.  You have the choice between cheaply priced and not so fast technology, or the latest, greatest, and most expensive hardware.  iPhones are only made by Apple and your only hardware choice for them is how big your storage will be.  The iPhone is plenty advanced hardware wise and reasonably priced.


Applications used to be a big issue in the smart phone wars.  However, within the last couple years Google and Android have caught up.  It’s rare to find an application for iOS or Android that is not available for both platforms.  With both platforms having millions of applications for them, finding an app to do what you want is almost never an issue.  Many developers are coding apps for both iOS and Android instead of one or the other.

Author Bio:- My name is Alex Bailey, I’ve been blogging about mobile phone platforms including the iPhone as well as Androids for six years.

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