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Choosing Among Flat Screen TV Stands

The television (or TV) in its various incarnations has provided entertainment for a majority of households. Aside from this, it was also a means of obtaining information from the outside world. The popularity of the TV has spawned technological advancements in this area, and we now have the LCD/LED (flat screen) variety replacing the CRT type. This shift in design brought about corresponding changes in TV related furniture, specifically the TV stand. Whereas stands of yesteryear were heavy and bulky in order to accommodate the size and heft of popular CRT sets at that time, present-day for flat screen TV’s are more streamlined.

Important Features of Flat Screen TV Stands

1. More than anything else, it should be able to support your TV. After all, this is its reason for being. Since TV stands come in different sizes and designs (some of which are more robust than others) the size and weight of your set will dictate the stand you will purchase.

2. These have to be provisions for entertainment related components and accessories. TV sets nowadays are not stand alone units. They are part and parcel of an entertainment system that includes a video player, sound amplifier, and game console. If this is how your system looks like, the TV stand should have room for all these.

3. Although the design should be robust enough to accommodate your flat screen TV, related devices, and accessories, it should still be compact. This is in consideration of the smaller space available in many modern apartments and condominium units.

4. Of course, it should be affordable. Given the current economic crunch that everybody is facing, price is an important consideration. You should be able to get the best value for your money.

Common TV Stand Designs

1. The simplest (and oftentimes the least expensive) design is the open shelf type. It provides a secure platform for your TV as well as shelves for the other components. The open shelves allow for easy interconnection between components, and it is a cinch to clean. Various materials are available for this type of stand.

2. At the other extreme are the TV armoires that have a special cabinet to conceal your TV as well as drawers to store the other paraphernalia. It provides the best protection for your gear, but this is at the expense of size and heft. Such being the case, this is recommended for bigger areas. Needless to say, this is usually the most expensive option.

3. The TV cabinet may not have the provision to conceal your set, but it has the useful drawers for your other devices, accessories, and disks. And it is relatively cheaper than the TV armoires.

4. A corner TV stand is a great space saver because it gets your set out of the way. Since it is deeper than the other designs, it allows for the storage of more items. At the same time, the leading lines provided by the adjoining walls make this setup aesthetically pleasing.

Choosing a Suitable TV Stand

Given the plethora of TV stand designs available in the market; you may be hard pressed in choosing the most suitable one. However, delimiting your options based on size and price will make the selection process manageable. Definitely your stand should be appropriate for the size of your flat screen TV. And the amount you are willing to spend has a direct bearing on your purchase. Other factors like design, type of material used, etc. are secondary.

Author Bio:- Henry Chavez is a seasoned furniture salesman. He has been selling Corner tv stand since it was introduced in the market.

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  • Felicia @ No Deposit Poker

    December 8, 2011, 3:00 pm

    Hi Henry,
    Thanks for sharing with us common TV stand designs. My parents still have that antique TV armoire at our home. It really is a big one, and it’s very helpful in concealing the TV and preventing us from watching it especially during exam days when I was still in school.


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