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Child Monitoring Software: Keep a Better Eye on Your Kids

Internet now has become the second oxygen for children. Since they are born in such a time where literally everything can be done via internet, it is somewhat natural for them to be this much glued. Caring and conscious parents are well aware of the uprising risks of child abuse and cyber crime through internet. That is why they would love to keep a good eye on their children through a Child Monitoring software.

Though the concept is still in debate as many of the teenagers find it a breach to their privacy levels and a way to express parents’ extreme distrust on them, but it is not the point to focus on here. While using internet, people get so engaged that their volition often works according to the thing displayed on the screen, not to what they really would want to. Parents, in their best attempts to protect the children from any harassments or exploitation, can get the help of a proper child monitoring software installed on the computers, smart devices and such to comb out the activities their children are going through online.

There is certainly a necessity to have a stronger family bond and understanding between the parents and kids to let this effort be successful. The children should be nicely explained about the scenario and possibilities that drew the parents for this extra security. Of course, nobody likes someone spying over all the time, specially the teenagers. It is the very first responsibility of the parents to let the kid be assured that what they are doing is absolutely for their good and it certainly does not mean that they do not trust them.

Child monitoring has obviously came a long way from just child-lock applications. There is a number of child monitoring software available with different services. Such software mostly focuses and scans the online social media activities like watching over the Facebook, twitter updates and YouTube uploads etc. There are also services like e-mail and SMS alerts of anything dubious done in the particular child’s account, weekly reports, GPS tracking and more. Using a child monitoring software will help the parents to be alert if the children are visiting any age inappropriate websites or developing a relationship with someone objectionable.

There is a psychological issue related in it, but this practice of using child monitoring software should be presented in a way that reflects the love and care parents have; not in the over-possessive and bossy manner. Too much of physical interference and arguments may backfire and the let the child go underground. That is why it is healthy to monitor with a software and let the kids be comfortable in their skins while being wide aware that the parents are keeping a better eye on them. As an additional service, using such up-to-date means to be there with the kids, lets them feel somewhat comfortable with parents as they adore latest technology with all their hearts! So, going for a child monitor software is a win-win in all means!

Author Bio: Kate is working with mobile spy software to keep your kids safe online. For more information visit site http://www.mireview.com/

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  • Mark

    October 26, 2012, 3:46 pm

    Nice article Bilal. I also use a free app called Qustodio to keep an eye on my son who is online a lot. It helps me watch the profile pictures of who he talks to on Facebook and that keeps me reassured a little bit. Like antivirus, parental control is a must these days. Google for it.


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