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CherryRush – Online gambling on the rise

Online Gambling on the rise

Online gambling is extremely popular on mobile devices right now, with a huge range of games available and online providers allowing players to enjoy 24/7 casino gaming. Despite this huge level of interest, Google still doesn’t allow users to download real-play gambling apps from the Play Store.

Players don’t need to worry about finding somewhere to download gaming apps from however, with new online gambling app store Cherryrush.com offering the best range of gambling apps for Android in one easy to access specialised app store.

Cherry Rush is a one stop shop for casino gaming on Android, with a fantastic range of apps from both big name operators and emerging online casinos to ensure the best offers and jackpots from all over the web. There is plenty of information available on each app logo, so players can get a flavour of what each provider offers, as well as a breakdown of the service and any special offers which increase players’ chances of winning. A huge range of payment methods are available for each of the apps too, including credit and debit cards and of course PayPal. Users who already have an existing account with their favoured online gambling provider can also download the associated app, as well as finding similar options thanks to the huge range of reviews and ratings found across the Cherry Rush app store.

The app itself looks great, with a sleek design and easy to access layout to help players spend less time choosing which games they want to play and more time playing them. The menus and app pages are easy to navigate and apps can be downloaded directly to the device or played via the browser depending on the user’s preference.

Each app is handpicked by the expert team at Cherry Rush, ensuring that both games and provider apps are secure and of the highest quality. A strict set of app store requirements ensures the maximum level of player security. There are also reviews and ratings for each game to help players choose the right game for them, with a selection of staff picks, games of the week and trending apps, showing players which apps are most popular across the rest of the web. Most of the apps offer a free play option too, so customers can ‘try before they buy’.

Accessing the games and apps on offer is super easy, with no additional downloads required. The app can be accessed by all mobile browsers thanks to widely accepted HTML5 technology, saving on both download times and data usage.

If you’re tired of the free to play options on the Play Store but don’t fancy scouring the web trying to find a suitable real money alternative, then let Cherry Rush guide you to the best online casino apps on the internet, with hundreds of quality options and some of the best bonuses and jackpots on the web available right now.