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Change the way you work with PDF – All In One PDF Editor by WonderShare

When it comes to online documents, PDF is the best and popularly known technology. From businesses to educational institutes every person on internet uses PDF for documents. However when it comes to editing a pdf document or working around it, it is always difficult to find a good and easy software to edit a pdf document. I personally have tried several softwares but the first difficulty that comes in my way is the difficulty of using the software conveniently.

A software is suppose to save time and not waste it. Although every new software requires some time and trail to be used properly but the design of most of the software is very complex. Which is why you will need to spend some time on the interface to get familiar with its features.

Recently I came across a wonderful pdf editor software designed by Wondershare. During the trail I was surprised to see how easy and convenient the interface is designed. Even a non technical person can easily work around with the software to create and edit a PDF file. Even if you still need guidance regarding the interface. They offer Wondershare PDFElement Guide which has extensive knowledge and screenshots of the interface to easily follow and familiar with its features. All the basics like creating a pdf document from scratch, converting pdf files, editing documents, adding annotations, creating forms, adding security measures and exporting pdf documents are explained thoroughly with screenshots.


Wondershare PDFelement

However if you are like me and need video tutorials then Wondershare has its own Youtube Channel where they have upload all the videos you need to get familiar with the software. Here is the Wondershare Youtube Channel. Every single feature of the software is shown in the videos which makes it very easy for non technical persons to easily follow the instructions.

If you need a professional and convenient pdf editor then you must try Wondershare PDFelement. Below are the features that will help you get more information about the software.

1# Edit

The first and basic feature of the software is to edit your pdf files. The editor allows you to change font size, color and more. Insert pictures, videos or any other media. Crop and delete pages. Add and remove watermarks and much more. It also allows to compress the final file to the optimal size for uploading in emails or for printing.

2# Convert PDF Documents

The Free PDF to Word Converter inside the software allows you to easily convert your pdf files to MS Word, Power Point, MS Excel, Images, Text, HTML or EPUB formats. The converted files are 100% adobe compatible. It is compatible with more than 300 formats.

3# Create PDF Files

You can easily create 100% adobe compatible pdf files with the software. The files can also be viewed on other programs like Acrobat and other PDF readers. The software also offers the feature to combine multiple files into a single pdf document.

4# OCR Plugin

This feature is one of the best one. It allows you to transform scanned images to PDF documents with 100% usable text and without loosing the appearance of the documents. The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology allows you to turn the documents to fully readable, searchable documents with the insert and delete option. And yes it is also multilingual.

5# Protection

Protection is one of the feature that you should always apply to the sensitive documents. This software allows you to easily password protect a document. You can also add permission rules to the documents to further protect it. For example you can restrict printing, editing or extraction on the document.

These are some of the useful and basic features of the software. However apart from these you also have the ability to select different templates for the documents. The software also allows you to add different forms inside the documents. Check box, radio buttons and insert text buttons can also be added inside the forms. And the feature to sign the documents is also available in the software.

The other features includes, adding annotations, combining multiple documents, adding images and PDF reduction. Overall this is a wonderful pdf editor software designed by Wondershare. It is highly recommended for those who work online or offline creating or editing pdf files.

You can download free trail for Windows or MAC to test drive the software. Try it for yourself and do share your comments below.

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  • Saint jose

    October 20, 2015, 11:44 am

    Wow! awesome collection,thanks for sharing very helpful information and good informative to us.Keep posting.


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