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CD Duplication: 5 Ideas Why You Should Not Do It Alone

Almost everyone can how to burn CD’s on their laptop or desktops in less than 4 minutes. Value of CD duplication machines is getting lower which most of us can buy it.  By just purchasing some affordable cases and CDs, get a printer then you are all set.  Thinking this as the best and easiest way, then think again why there are CD duplication businesses?   There is an explanation why successful artists look for reliable CD duplications businesses to work on their upcoming albums. These businesses have the tools and equipment that can give superior quality to CD’s which a normal CD burner can’t.

There are many independent musicians use duplication on their own and feel disappointed.  If you are still determined to create copies on your own then you should be prepared to:

1. Waiting Time –  Most disc burners can duplicate 1 to 3 discs at a time.  Once it’s done you need to manually replace the output with new blank CD.  This is tedious and a boring routine if you want to create 400 copies.  If you are in a hurry or not enough time monitoring and doing tedious work then it is advisable to let the professionals do it for you.

2. Need to do a lot of research –  During the process, issues is inevitable and there are many questions while doing CD printing for your CD cover and CD burning process.  No reading can substitute the experience.    If you outsource the work to a CD duplication business, then the only thing you should research is the background of the business and quality of their work.

3. Invest more –  Doing all yourself involves costs particularly the price per unit and quality of the CD.  You should need to invest more high quality disc printers to get a good quality finish.   Instead of saving a few bucks by doing this yourself, you will end up spending more.

4. Troubled because there’s no assurance of quality – Reliable CD duplication firms always guarantee to provide 100% quality be provided to each client because their track record.  They have professionals which can check the artwork, CDs, and cases before shipping.   One dissatisfied client means one negative feedback.  If you burn your own CD there is no guarantee that your output is good and you need to play each disc to test their quality.

5. No time for promotion – Creating 400 copies by yourself is tedious which may lead to not having adequate time to do offline and online promotion of your CD.   You need to save your energy for promotion since this is the most crucial part of becoming a successful artist and create a name in the music industry.  If you can’t do it alone, then get services that will do it for you.  This will definitely save your effort, money, and time.

Author Bio:- JV White is a blogger, web enthusiast, and marketing consultant for We Print Discs. He writes exciting tips and guides about CD duplication, replication and printing for musicians, businessman, doctors, and other professionals.

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