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CB Poster Plugin Review- Created by Danlew devoloper of Keyword Winner Plugin

If you have used keyword winner plugin then you are going to like the new wordpress plugin developed by Danlew (Developer of Keyword Winner Plugin). It is called “CB Poster” or ClickBank Poster.

As a affiliate you have to adopt every possible way to earn commission from your blog and if with minimal efforts you get a lot then this is of course a win win situation.

Danlew has developed another amazing and effort less wordpress plugin “CB Poster”

It enables you to search clickbank database within a post for best selling products to display in your blog to make commission from every individual blogpost. Let me show you a screen shot so that you can get the idea of how the clicbank ads will appear in your blog.

cbposter plugin screeshot

cbposter plugin screeshot

Clickbank Ads will appear below post, just like Related Posts in your blog, thus the ads get clear attention of your readers. The chances of clicking on the ads is more because of the appearance of the Ads. You can display in already published posts by simply selecting products for your Categories and then plugin will display the ads in all published articles.

No matter what is your blog niche, as long as similar products are available in Clicbank you can display in your blog. The plugin is very easy to use, so don’t miss this stunning plugin.

Of course you will get satisfied result, because the plugin is developed by Danlew and he has a very strong and influencing reputation.

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