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Carrying Out a PPC Audit at Top Speed

In the same amount of time to finish a stick of regular cigarette or to pop a bag of popcorn in the microwave, you can actually do a rough and dirty, but nonetheless effective and useful PPC audit. There are five elements involved and it takes approximately 300 seconds or five minutes to go through all of them.

Check Your Account History

This functionality will reveal the modification you made to your PPC account on a given timeframe. This will reveal what you have done, whether deliberately or not, which produced positive results or otherwise. This will give you an idea if you need to change directions in terms of the PPC advertising services you have to focus on to get your desired outcome.

Take a Look at Your Eyeball Share

This is also called impression share. This is a vital element of pay per click management because it brings into the picture how many times your ad comes up when a relevant search term is ran on Google. Basically, your ad won’t generate your expected traffic if it’s not showing at all in the first place. This can mean three things: you are not spending enough, your ad is not ranking high and your ad is not matching the search terms people are inputting. The first variable is an issue of resources. For the last two, you might need the professional expertise of an SEO company.

Know Your Quality Score

Quality score is basically a key performance indicator of relevance. How relevant are your keywords? How relevant are your landing pages? Taken into consideration are the content of your landing pages, click through rate, account history, device targeting plus others. Quality score will determine whether you can take part in auctions for your targeted keywords. Also, the lower your quality score, the higher your cost per click, but the lower your ads’ ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Go Through Your CTR

Click-through rate is basically the number of searchers clicked on your ads versus those who saw them, but did not click them. This will essentially impact your quality score and is a strong indication of how relevant your search engine advertisements are.

Evaluate Your Ads and Your Landing Sites

The first four steps mentioned above can be derived from your pay per click management account/software and all about hardcore numbers. For this last step, you have to get your feet dirty and actually test them. This one is all about knowing. How many orders are you getting from your ads and your landing pages each month? Do you generate actual leads, grow your database, and generate conversation and conversion?

In Conclusion

PPC advertising services, if done properly, are online marketing tools which generate some of the highest ROIs. Given that you don’t get interrupted by an emergency trip to the toilet or get distracted by a replay of your favorite TV show, you should be able to do the above audit quickly. Keep in mind though that PPC is one of those internet marketing tactics which you need to monitor constantly.

Author Bio: Richard Franklin is an Internet marketing expert and wants to share his knowledge with people who are about to hire a PPC marketing company for their business. He has also given words to many articles where one can find the latest trends popular in social media and SEO companies.

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