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Car Technology: Breaking New concepts revealed by Autoportal India

With growing technology, a large number of innovative concepts are seen in the automobile industry. Cars are no more meant for just transferring people from point A to point B. Cars today can communicate to the driver regarding its problems and requirements and even provide entertainment and relaxation. India is still new to many latest technologies; here is a brief on some of some of the breaking new concepts in this field.

Virtual Window screen

A new concept introduced by Jaguar Land Rover, the 360 degree virtual window screen may soon be seen in all cars by the year 2018. The driver can get all necessary information like navigation, phone calls, music track and all others just by looking at the window screen. He need not take his eyes off the road for looking up onto these on the infotainment system. Even the rear view and external view mirrors will be replaced with cameras and virtual displays.

Car Technology

Energy producing body panels

Under this feature, the body panels of the car will be able to receive and store heat from sunlight and convert it into a source of power for running the car. These panels will be made of carbon resin and polymer fibre reducing the car’s overall weight. This technology is of utmost importance in today’s age of fuel shortage and rising fuel prices. We expect such cars utilizing solar energy to come in to the market by 2020. But they can be very expensive as carbon fibre is not cheaply available.

Oxygen emission

We all know that automobiles are the biggest contributor to air pollution. A new system being talked about is cars fitted with a battery which needs to be refilled with hydrogen gas and its only emission will be water vapour.But then a major problem sensed here is the set-up of fuel stations that are specially required for generating and storing hydrogen in a safe manner. Nevertheless it might take a good 30 to 50 years for this technology to see light.

Remote Disable function

Here is a new feature called remote disabling where a cloud service connects all the vital on-board systems of the car and the owner can track every move of the car and even able/disable all its functions remotely. This means that no one can drive away with your car or could be stopped easily if ever managed to get away.

Biometric seat technology

This is an interesting feature which tells you when it is time to take a break or visit the doctor. It uses data from the driver’s palm and face, compares it to the use of the steering wheel, clutch and accelerator and notifies the stress level of the driver.

Source: – AutoPortal.com

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