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Car SatNavs – Useful or Dangerous?

There are loads of gadgets you can buy for your car: surround sound stereo systems, iPod cradles, rechargeable torches, and portable vacuum cleaners for that moment on a long journey when your two year old has emptied the remains of a box of Pringles into the foot well and you can no longer stand the crunching sound. But what about SatNavs – do you really need one or should you stick to flicking through an aged road atlas instead?

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SatNav Systems For Cars

SatNavs are one of the most popular gadgets for cars and as their popularity has grown, road atlases have become a thing of the past. Designed to direct you from A to B, a SatNav uses Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) to pinpoint where you are at any given time. From here, the SatNav will guide you to your destination via graphical images and voice prompts, and if you are forced to divert for any reason, the SatNav will automatically reconfigure your route.

How Useful Are SatNav Systems For Cars?

  • If you are the type of driver who finds it impossible to read road signs and navigate from one place to another, a SatNav system is ideal. Instead of panicking the moment you reach a junction, you can relax, confident in the knowledge that your trusty navigation tool will guide you to your destination without incident.
  • SatNavs are worth their weight in gold when your journey takes you through a large city, particularly if the city centre has a complex one-way system – without a SatNav to guide you it is entirely possible to end up driving around in fruitless circles for hours.
  • SatNavs save time on long journeys by calculating the fastest route from A to B, and if the journey is interrupted by road works or traffic chaos, your SatNav will adjust the route to suit the conditions.
  • More expensive SatNavs will warn you of road traffic cameras and other potential hazards, thus ensuring you avoid the annoyance of a speeding ticket.

Can SatNavs Be Dangerous?

Unfortunately, a SatNav system is not always useful, and in some cases it can actually be dangerous.

  • When following instructions from a SatNav, you still need to be aware of the road ahead and take heed of warning signs. So if you arrive at the edge of a cliff and your SatNav instructs you to continue, think very carefully about whether (or not) this is a good idea.
  • SatNavs can be very distracting and a lot of people end up watching the SatNav screen instead of concentrating on the traffic ahead, which could cause a nasty accident.
  • It is always wise to have some idea of where you are going rather than blindly following an inanimate gadget. It is not unknown for SatNavs to send drivers on a wild goose chase hundreds of miles in the opposite direction of where they need to be. So make sure you put in the correct coordinates for your chosen destination in order to avoid ending up in the wrong country.

Author Bio:- Laura bought a new Alfa Romeo Giulietta last year and one of the first gadgets she invested in was a SatNav. She has found it to be very useful, but there have been a couple of occasions where the device has sent her in the wrong direction, so she still keeps a road atlas in the glove compartment.

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