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Can You Successfully Block Internet Advertising?

Advertising is important to web publishers because the revenues earned from ads help cover their expenses, but some ads are a nuisance and many Internet surfers wish they would just go away. There are software programs that are designed to stop the irritating pop-up ads, as well as pop-unders, banner ads, and generally most advertising seen on Web pages, even non-intrusive text ads. Many of the pop-up ads have malicious cookies that can harm your computer. Defensive software will help protect your computer against unwanted cookies and scripts, and it will ensure you still have the information you need when you visit a site.

Most browsers have built-in programs that will help stop the pop-up ads. All you have to do is make the adjustments within your browser tools. In general, click on the tool buttons and follow the bread crumbs.

With Internet Explorer, follow the crumbs to the Privacy tab via Tools and you will see the button for blocking pop-up ads. Mozilla Firefox users should follow the crumbs from Tools to Web Features via the Options button and uncheck Block Popup Windows. You are unchecking because the program enables pop-ups by default. Netscape users can follow the crumbs from Tools directly to Popup Manager to click the desired settings. Opera users need to click Tools, then Quick Preferences to adjust the setting to block pop-up advertising.

Unfortunately, there are plug-ins and programs created to get around those browser pop-up blockers, so it takes other software programs to make sure you are protected. Two of the most popular and efficient software programs include Spybot and Ad-Aware. Mozilla Firefox also offers extra help with their AdBlock plug-in. Google Toolbar also has a free pop-up ad blocker through Google Chrome.

Aside from blocking pop-up ads, you can also block non-intrusive visual ads or text ads on Web pages, particularly Google AdSense ads. Those are found on most sites. While these ads are important to Web publishers and don’t cause harm to your computer, they can be irritating when they are placed in awkward places. For the most part, these ads are placed above or below the fold or off to the side and out of the way of the actual content. Some Web publishers place them where they can’t be missed, like in the middle of the text you are reading. It’s easy to put a stop to that, but it means that all the text ads will be blocked, not just the ones that are badly placed.

There are lots of ways to block the ads, but the most effective way is to simply block the address of the Google ad-servers via Windows Hosts File. It requires some knowledge of how host files work. Firefox users can successfully block the ads via AdBlock or via extensions that let them customize Google. Internet Explorer users can utilize AddSubtract or WebWasher to block the text ads.

By eliminating pop-up ads, you’ll have a safe place to surf and your computer will be better protected against all manner of virus’s and spyware. For the most part, the software programs are easy to load and take only minutes to install. They are good defense tools that allow you to surf the Internet stress-free.

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