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Can You Really Take Your Phone With You in Water?

It was not possible a couple of years ago, but now it actually is possible and in japan people frequently use their cell phone under a shower. It looks amazing but it is not that astonishing for us while living in 21st century where we see many such things which were not considered possible at all. One of the greatest tech giants, Sony, has brought to light a new handset which does not get damaged in water, if placed even for 30 minutes!

waterproof mobiles

This amazing device was put on a show in Las Vegas at Consumer Electronics Show. This is another addition in the Xperia series of smartphones by Sony and it is a real smartphone! Water resistant technology has not been included in many smartphones where it was required but Sony has taken this step and introduced a product that actually can resist water and can avoid damages due to water. It is just a beginning and according to an analyst, there is still a huge mountain to climb!

According to Sony, this Xperia Z smartphone is capable of being placed in water for 30 minutes and for a depth of around 3 ft. This phone has a display of 5 inches and it is a great opportunity to watch videos while sitting in a pool! It is one of the things one can dream for! This device is particularly designed for those people who want to enjoy the fun of HD videos beyond limits, now you will be able to watch and enjoy HD videos in a bath tub or in a pool with this amazing feature of new Xperia Z smartphone.

This feature will also protect your handset against accidents; many of us have experienced different problems when we accidently dropped our cell phone in wash basin while washing our face. Previously, we had no such protection for our smartphones to guard it against water but now we surely will be able to protect our cell phone against such small incidents.

Sony has taken its first step to make this thing common by bringing this amazing technology for cell phones in general and for smartphones in particular, thanks to it! Moreover, this is not a simple cell phone; it is an awesome smartphone with high end features! It contains 13 MP camera and we all can imagine what a superb picture quality it would provide. In short, this phone is going to hit the market with amazing features very soon and finally people will be able to enjoy different things in a bath. They will be able to watch HD movies, enjoy songs and play games sitting in a pool.

Previously, emergency calls were also missed during a bath but it won’t be a problem anymore as we will be able to take those calls even under shower. Thanks to latest technology and Sony for providing us with this amazing device, everyone is waiting for this device anxiously.

Author Bio:- Jon Cyr is an experienced manufacturer of mobile phone accessories particularly screens protectors. If you want to protect your mobile screen use cell phone screen protectors that are made of high quality using best technology.

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