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Can SEO Help My Small Business?

SEO Strategies

As a small business owner, eliminating unnecessary costs is always a priority.  Nevertheless, you need to do everything you can to stand out from the crowd and outperform your competitors.

For the smaller business, exposure really is everything. Until you have a sufficient customer base to sustain your business, you need to generate word-of-mouth manually. All of which begins by ensuring you appear prominently in the SERP rankings. This is true for any industry, even obscure ones like eye-care, where websites like Visionary Eye Centre have been able to improve their rankings thanks to propping up their SEO. 

If you’ve ever asked the above question therefore, the answer is yes – SEO can and will help your small business.

Here’s how:

1. SEO helps you build a better website

To create an SEO-friendly website is to create a site that appeals to today’s web user. Google and the other major search engines now priorities everything that matters to your audience. Rich, relevant and regularly updated content,outstanding site performance, simplified navigation, advanced security and soon. By ticking all the boxes with Google and Co., you naturally do the same for your target audience.

2. SEO builds priceless exposure

Research suggests that around 95% of all online experiences begin with a search engine.That’s 95% of everything that happens online, originating from the likes of Google, Bing and the other major players. Irrespective of the size and nature of the business, these are the kinds of figures that cannot be ignored. If you fail to make your mark in the SERP rankings, you’re effectively turning your back on 95% of potential visitors to your website. In most instances, search engine listings are the only way your prospects will find you.

3. SEO delivers unbeatable returns

An effective small business SEO strategy has the potential to deliver an ROI that goes far beyond almost any comparable marketing initiative. SEO is all about generating inbound leads, which should represent one of your top priorities as a smaller or newer business. Exposure in the SERP listings attracts more visitors to your website, while your SEO-friendly site does the business for those who find it. Inbound leads, more conversions and better customer retention – all from an affordable investment through a trusted and reputable SEO company.

4. SEO drives long-term improvements

Unlike most marketing strategies, SEO has the potential to deliver and keep delivering outstanding results long-term. To build and operate an SEO-friendly website is to tap into all the benefits of prominent SERP positioning on an indefinite basis. With the added bonus that most consumers show preference to organic SERP listings, as opposed to those that appear at the top through paid ad campaigns.

5. SEO is something you can contribute to

Last but not least, SEO is perhaps one of the only advanced digital marketing strategies that any small business owner can contribute to. In fact, there’s nobody better to handle the content side of your SEO campaign than you – the brains behind the brand. Unique, high-quality content that engages visitors lies at the heart of every successful SEO strategy. There’s a complex and technical side to SEO too, but there’s also much to the process you can cover yourself.

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