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Can Apple’s iPad Tablet Make Voice Calls?

As smart phones begin to be used more and more for their computing abilities and less for their actual phone capabilities, it begs the question how much do we actually need to rely on our cell phone providers wireless calling network to do business. The iPad in particular is a great example of the kind of communication functionality users will be taking advantage of more frequently in the future.


The first question many users who are used to carrying a cell phone with them at all times ask when purchasing an iPad is “yes, but can it make calls?”  He answer to this question escapes them because they are still thinking of their mobile devices as phones and not as small mobile computers. If you think of your iPad, or even your iPhone or Android phone device, more in terms of a computer and less in terms of the cell phone device with phone connectivity dictated by your cell phone provider, the answer should come back in the obvious affirmative.  Of course it is possible to make phone calls through your mobile computing device just as you can make phone calls through your computer.

The technology that allows for this is called Voice over IP, or VoIP for short. Voice over IP solutions have been around in the consumer space since the advent of widely available broadband access in the late nineteen nineties and early two thousands. The concept of VoIP is that the user communicates with one or more other parties via their data only connections. By speaking into a computer microphone or your mic on your mobile device, your voice is translated into a digital message that is sent across a broadband data connection to the other connected parties.

The big difference for cell phone users who decide to install and utilize a VoIP solution instead of their cell phone provider’s voice calling solution over a 3G or 4G networks is that users are no longer limited by their voice plan minutes. While users are still responsible for and limited to the data limits defined in the cell phone providers data plan, if the connection is via a Wi-Fi network then the data charges do not apply.

There are a number of VoIP solutions that are available to use on the iPad, of which we will discuss three here in this article.


Skype was the first major Voice over IP provider that allowed users to connect their telephone functionality through their data connection. Skype provides an application, aptly named Skype for iPad, that will allow you to connect to their VoIP solution through your iPad tablet device. Users who have an account already set up with Skype will be able to automatically import their contacts.  In addition to voice calls, you can also make video chat calls and send instant messages to your contacts.


Another iPad application that will allow you to make VoIP connections is called iCall. The basic version of this app is free and ad supported, but there is a premium version available for power users. In addition to voice calling, iCall allows you to send IMs over Facebook, AIM, Windows Live, ICQ and any other XMPP enabled service. There is also a feature to share pictures with your contacts from inside the iCall app.


Talkatone for iPad is a cool little app that lets you use Gmail to connect to Google’s VoIP network. The application works over both Wi-Fi and 3G, so you can use it to make and receive calls. All you need to do is hook up your Google Voice account to forward it to Google Chat, and voila, you have Google VoIP access!

Author Bio:- The post is shared by Jason Phillips. His deep interest lies in web chatting and making new friends. Other than this being a software developer he likes to take software classes. He likes to blog on various software and iPad applications and has recently given reviews on iPad 3 screen protector in a local newspaper.

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