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Can a Website Help a Restaurant Bring in Patrons

Today, nearly everyone has access to the Internet either in their homes or through some WiFi outlet. However, for some unfathomable reason many restaurants do not comprehend the importance of having a website and that it requires basic information such as: hours they are open, location, phone number and most important an up-to-date menu with prices. Many people will Google a place before visiting if they are going for the first time, or if they have an appetite for a certain type of food, they want to find a restaurant that matches their particular taste.

More than likely, a patron will go somewhere where the information on the website is clear about the restaurant’s opening hours and what is on the menu. It is less likely today that consumers will drive around looking for a restaurant to pop into. Usually, they have gathered some type of information about the restaurant through family and friends or from online.

Unfortunately, many restaurants need all the help they can get when it comes to their online presence. Even though many restaurants have websites these days, it is rare to find a good one. Elegantly designed and eye-catching restaurant websites can be found, but do they deliver the necessary information without errors? For example, a Michelin-starred restaurant had misspelled the word “restaurant” in large font on their homepage. It is amazing that even a restaurant of that caliber pay such little attention to their websites.

Another disastrous dilemma with restaurant websites is that they rarely give you any reason to return. Since the interest in food, drink and the inside mechanism of the restaurant business is at an astronomical level, restaurants must give patrons a reason to come back to their site besides their menus. A blog besides their main website would seem like the next logical step. They could share opinions, recipes, techniques, insight, and offers, while building brand genuineness in the process. In many instances, restaurants depend on the communication and enthusiasm they drum-up with their patrons who share their ideas.

It is 2012; websites are available for a pittance these days, so there is no reason for a restaurant not to have at least a presentable, informative website. Menu covers for restaurants should be presented on the website just the same as the brick ’n’ mortar version. Actually, online menus are easier to change and less costly. Even a Facebook fan page is better than nothing, provided that the menu and essential information is posted.

For instance, if a gourmet dessert restaurant has a Facebook fan page, but there is no important information listed such as hours, location, and what is on the menu, but they do have photos of people eating and drinking at some type of event tells a potential patron zilch. Regardless of the type of restaurant, whether it is a tiny little shack on a back road, a family hotdog stand, or a five-star milieu, there is no excuse not to have a website with the proper information that includes hours, phone number, location, and a current menu with prices. In addition, to get potential patrons really excited why not make offers for new customers? This always gets the populace excited because people want to know that an establishment, like a restaurant, appreciates their business.

Author Bio:- Brianna Jones is interested in small business entrepreneurship and technology. She also enjoys cooking and selling her homemade items on Etsy.com

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