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BYOD – The Birth of Bringing Your Own Device

Is technology stopping your work force productivity? The availability of smart phones and electronic gadgets has taken over many offices across the globe. Interest in BYOD for mobile devices is sky high among IT professionals. In a recent survey, only 29% of organizations Info-Tech Research Group surveyed had little or no interest in BYO smartphone, with 35% saying the same for BYO tablet. Is this adding value?

Some IT professionals hold that this is reducing the productivity of their organization’s staff, while others beleive that it makes employees happier and more efficient in their jobs. Workers who use these devices for faster communication and mobile readiness can make a greater impact in providing better service, but it comes with decreased accountability and security.

Workers are getting more inclined to use their own devices such as iPads or iPhones at the office during their duties. Many IT professionals largest concern about BYOD is that this causes an increased security risk. Info-Tech research has found that the actual increase in security incidents is relatively small, but what increase in productivity is needed to offset the decrease in security?

However IT departments should consider a security enabled management suite that protects products that of Apple and the Android platforms. The Blackberry platform

Collaboration and connectivity are increasingly important for employees, so IT departments need to make sure that the right tools are in the hands of personal device users.

Consumerization is also great for IT departments to save on costs and improve the quality of service to the end user. For example, if a service technician wanted to know a customer’s transaction history he could bring it up on his mobile device. Now workers can enjoy doing a more effective job!

The current IT trend of consumerization is evolving with the present demographics of people from the workforce. Younger employees are demanding to merge business and personal devices.

Office workers want to bring devices to the office and customers are demanding better service, thus BYOD is born. People want their favorite devices and to be free to use them; this brings collaboration and better practices in the workforce. So how mobile ready is your workplace? Leave your comments.

Author Bio:- Daniel is a Social Media Manager for Info-Tech Research Group. His latest project is on the UK’s Smartest IT, which is centered around bringing together IT leaders in Europe. Daniel also like to write about fitness on his fitness blog in his spare time and lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

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  • Felicia @ No Deposit Poker

    May 13, 2012, 7:25 pm

    I’ve always been fond of technology and I don’t see any problem with BYOD in the office as long as it promotes better productivity. If the bosses do not patronize BYOD, the they should issue similar devices so we do not have to bring our own.


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