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Buying Replacement Asus Laptop Parts

As a person who works in sales. I am often on the go to look for perspective clients. Like a soldier, I equip myself with electronic gadgets, most importantly, my trusty laptop.  My Asus laptop has been with me for years and I consider it a lucky charm because it has landed me numerous deals.

asus replacement parts

However, one morning something unexpected happened. I got up early to check my Email, turned on my laptop and then went to the kitchen for a minute to get some coffee but when I got back, the laptop was not on. I realized that there was something wrong with my laptop. I quickly changed the battery to a new one thinking that maybe the battery died and I was unable to charge it but even with a fresh battery, my laptop still wasn’t revived.

I went to an Asus service center that morning to have my laptop checked. A technician was able to assess that the problem was with the RAM memory. Good thing I always had backups in case my laptop crashed just like what happened. I was never worried about my files, just my laptop. When I heard about the assessment, the idea of buying a new laptop entered my mind. I didn’t really like the thought of buying a new laptop since I loved my own laptop though it was damaged.

The said technician heard me when I exclaimed that I did not want to throw away my beloved laptop. He quickly explained that there was no need to do that and that it was possible to have the laptop fixed by buying a replacement Asus laptop part.

He advised me that the replacement Asus laptop part for my damaged laptop must be ordered as soon as possible to have it immediately fixed. Delivery of the replacement Asus laptop part would only take a couple of days and the repair, an extra day. Upon hearing his advice, I was able to breathe normally. I quickly placed an order of the said part.  I thought about an important business meeting I had to attend the following week. I needed to have it fixed fast since I needed my laptop for my job.

After five days, I went back to the service center to get my laptop back. I felt a little apprehensive about having my laptop fixed because it is common practice to just buy a new laptop instead of having it repaired. I thought, “What if it was not fixed?” It is common knowledge to just buy a new laptop since most people do not want to be bothered with having their laptops fixed. Would replacing the RAM memory do the trick?

I was able to relax when I saw my laptop up and running. The technician was all smiles when he tested my laptop and showed me that it was running smoothly. I realized that it was a good thing that I’d decided to bring my laptop to the service center instead of throwing it away.  I realized that it was really nice to have ready parts for a gadget that is valued by everybody like me. If an Asus laptop gets damaged, there is really no need to trash it.

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