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Buy the Right Mobile to Suit Your Needs

Indian mobile industry has undergone a sea change. The industry which was earlier dominated by Nokia and Samsung phones has now seen many new entrants. Lot of mobile manufacturers have introduced mobiles in India. There are names like Micromax, Karbonn, Spice, Lava, Maxx Mobile and Intex Mobile. This has made the market more competitive. Price competition is also increased and thus, there are more mobiles available in the low cost range. As a result of this, choosing the right cheap mobile phones is become easy. Some online shopping sites are very user friendly and makes choosing mobiles all the more easy.

The competition has also forced the existing mobile manufacturers to make cheaper mobiles. When a customer looks at choosing the right cheap mobile phones, he looks at meeting the basic needs of communication. He should be able to make calls and send text messages with ease. These are the mobiles that are available in the price range of Rs 1000- 1500. Some like to listen to the FM radio. Some like to play games have a camera. So, as features keep getting added, the price of the mobile goes on increasing. In lower end mobiles, the life of the battery is around 7 to 8 hours. Mp3 ringtones are available in all lower end mobiles. The Indian users like the feature of being able to use Hindi as a language while using the mobile. Thus, some mobiles provide the option of using English and Hindi language. Thus, if Hindi is selected, all the displays on the mobile screen including contacts and the various tabs on the mobile will be displayed in Hindi.

Another target customer for cheap mobiles is the college crowd. But, the requirement of the college student is slightly different. He or she will know how to use the mobile but will want added features like social networking applications, games and a good camera. The price range of mobiles having these kinds of features is on the higher side. Thus, this target customer will be in search of huge discounts on mobiles. They are most likely to shop online for the mobiles. Choosing the right cheap mobile phones for them might mean that they will need to research the websites well in order to ascertain that the mobiles are genuine. This segment will also look at buying new accessories like memory cards, ear phones which are little advanced and mobiles cover with bright colors. They will also need a mobile with internet compatibility. 3G compatibility would be an added advantage.

Author Bio:- Rishabh Mahendru is a renowned article writer, who loves to write on new technologies and cheap mobile phones.

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