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Business Apps, Anyone?- Here Are 10 of Them!

The coming of the smartphones has introduced how to shift our business from the office right to our own handset. And because of the marvelous apps available for download, we can now do specific work-related tasks using our fingertips. Let me introduce to you the top ten business apps you can use:

1# iTerminal

I know how comforting it is to park our buns on our executive swivel chairs. After all, who wants to leave the comfort of our offices for outside business? Outside business may not seem as serious as it tends to be, but this can be a total hassle for any merchant. With iTerminal, the user is allowed to accept credit card payments wherever they are. Okay, you have to pay a $25 service fee per month but with the perks and functionality that come with the app, they’re all worth it.

2# FreshBooks

This is a big hit for web-based businesses. This cool app allows users to send professional-looking invoices to their clients. In turn, the clients can pay thru PayPal- a digital wallet platform, Authorize.net and a host of other services. What a perfect solution for the inconvenient problem of billing.

3# Abukai

Hate encoding data into the spreadsheet? You are not alone in that feeling about the tedious task. With Abukai, the problem is done in three easy steps. You only need to take a picture of the spreadsheet and the app will extract all the visible information contained there. The app will automatically create a built-in expense report- in a snap!

4# mbPointer

Do you want your next sales presentation to be a bang? Prepare well and use the right tools that will ensure the smooth flow of delivery. This app can be used as a remote control during a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. You just have to download the app and the companion Windows software.

5# TurboScan

Want to have a photocopier in your pocket? Well, your iPhone can serve exactly that purpose. With it, you can scan documents and turn them into PDF documents which you can attach for email.

6# Analytics App

Are you the type of employee who dies for web traffic and conversion? With a Google Analytics App, the user can view the analytics of their site and generate reports using their iPhones. This is definitely an essential app for business owners.

7# LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional networking site where users are allowed to see other professionals’ profiles and talk business with them. You can also share relevant content especially if you belong to a group, or head hunt potential applicants. Perfect for recruiters, I assume.

8# Sorted

Not all of us can afford the services of a personal assistant, but it doesn’t mean that we should submit to the crumbling weight of our own tasks. With Sorted, you can keep track of what needs to be done throughout the day. You can also add new things-to-do on the list and with a gentle swipe of a finger,a task can be marked as completed.

9# Worldcard Mobile

You can definitely do away with giving out so many business cards to every executive that you meet. You can scan your business cards through the app, and insert updated and relevant detail into a user’s address or contact book.

110# Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite

Editing documents is now possible through our smartphones. If your smartphone can read MS Word files, but does not enable you to edit them, install QuickOffice on your phone as it allows the users to send, receive, and even edit all sorts of documents.

If you think your smartphone can’t support these great apps, I suggest that you sell your smartphone and buy one that can serve you well for a long period of time!

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  • Sameer Gandhi

    August 7, 2012, 11:15 am

    Could you please post the links along with the Apps so that it would be easy for us to download


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