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Building a Brand as an Online Entrepreneur

Brand building is an integral part of any business – the familiarity and association of an identity that consequently builds trust and credibility the more it is seen.  Consumers are more willing to part with their beloved cash for established and well-known brands, so the emphasis of achieving this status is all too prominent for online entrepreneurs.

In this digital age, the opportunities and methods to develop your business and brand are seemingly endless, but the first port of call must be a well designed website as this is your platform and representation for the world to see.  Yes, there are additional offline approaches you can take to compliment your online efforts, like printing cheap business cards, brochures and leaflets, but these mediums tend to be focused on a targeted geographical area – you won’t conquer the world without the help of the internet!

So what steps can you take to develop your brand and online presence?

Innovative Design

Before you begin the exposure of your business brand you must first ascertain whether your branding design is strong enough.  Does it have the power to be memorable?  Does it represent your products or services?  Does it reaffirm your professionalism and credibility?  Your design must be consistent and uniformed in every application to allow viewers to slowly recognise who you are and what you do.


By being active on social networking sites you can not only reach an unlimited target market, but can take a personal approach to your marketing.  Websites such as FaceBook, LinkedIn or Google Profiles provide a platform to convey who you are, what you like doing and your involvement in various ventures.


The fact that there is so much emphasis on social networking can certainly be in your favour, but remember to take what opportunity you have to thank customers for their custom and support, and for those that retweet of share your link.

Q & A

Share your knowledge on Q & A sites and reaffirm your expertise in your niche.  You may just get a following of trusted supporters.


Guest posting is of course an excellent way of communication and networking.  Not only can you write a knowledgeable piece about your niche, but you can gain valuable links for your expertise, but remember to seek out those blogs that are relevant in some way to your business and pitch accordingly.


It’s a well known fact that Google loves updated and fresh content, and you can kill two birds with one stone by daily or weekly promotions that use a reward system for your customers.  By offering coupons or deal sales you give your users the incentive to keep returning to your site.

Online Business Cards

As well as printing up cheap business cards you should implement that design into a virtual business card that can allow you to share vital contact information online.  These can be exchanged at numerous occasions and will remind people of your business identity and reinforce your branding power.

Media Requests

Media requests the perfect opportunity for you to be quoted in news articles – an excellent way of developing your authority. With this benefit comes the need for careful managements as poor representation of products or services can be incredibly damaging. Using this approach can enhance your credibility, develop your brand awareness and reinforce your online presence.

Author Bio:- Claire is involved with Circle Leaflet Printing and has been in print for four years and loves the fact that no two days are ever the same.  She has a keen eye for design and branding and likes bringing ideas to life through Cheap Business Cards as well as other print media.

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