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Build the Social Destiny of Your Brand by Yourself

According to experts, businesses will need paid promotion to get a big number of fans and followers in 2013. Anyway, they still want to return as more as it is possible from the investments. Good marketer should know how much to invest to get the desired result. For the recent years social media became the marketing discipline and it is learned by marketers who want to reach good results in promotion. So, let’s see what aspects managers should consider to successfully plan and control the social destiny of the company’s brand:

  1. Predict how much you can get back from your inputs in practice. Try to define the scale of your performance.
  2. Define the approximate number of “converted” audience and after that try to determine its current value.
  3. Try to show people what they would gain if will connect to your social profile. Provide users with useful data for them and in return you’ll get the data useful for your business.

Try to gather information about your followers and friends, draw conclusions that could help optimization of your social profile. How can you do it? Well, there are the main three steps you need to consider to take a control of the brand’s social authority alongside with latest changes in social media life.

Step 1: Detect your data ROI

Collect the data anytime when you connect with your customers or prospective client. Don’t make unnecessary costs if you can’t get the data. In accordance with the requirements of particular social network, try to gather all the relevant data about each fan:

  • Ask your users about personal information, like e-mail addresses, and make sure you can use it whenever you need.
  • Track the behavioral of the users gathering data related to their interests, like ranked relevant services they prefer to get or wanted products.
  • In order to access fan’s follows, interests, likes and etc., get the permission using social authentications.

Step 2: Analyze in order to personalize

Your social data should be easy to view and understand. Filter it into the segments. When it is possible, integrate the social data with your customers, or prospective clients and transactional data. Likely it will improve the ways of personalizing an approach to fans. It does really work. About 6% of managers have already used social graph data. 88% of them say that it impacted positively on their ROI.

Step 3: Improve your efforts using the social data insights

There are few techniques that could make your data work for you. And the right using of your social data insights can improve the efforts:

  • In order to increase your conversion, try to target the social advertisement campaigns to users;
  • Use offers that drive the relevant sales by personalizing your e-mail with it;
  • You may use likes and follows to recognyze a prospective partner, sponsor or advertiser.

For example, ask Facebook users to rank the most wanted gifts they are waiting to get for Christams. You can post the results on your online shop, thus, helping people to buy the right item for friends, family, etc.

Conclusion. As many people have their own accounts in social networks, you can get an access to the very value information for free and without great efforts in compare with real life. But the way to get new fans is not so easy as many people think. Social media marketing (SMM) is a policy that opens up rich source of information you can use to impact the social destiny of your brand. Track what your fans share on social networks and extract the data that could be help you to get new followers, funs and increase the authority of your brand.

Author’s BIO:

Andrew Smith writes for QArea outsourcing software company that specializes in delivering mobile, web and desktop development services. He worked under some web development projects and has big experience in social media marketing. In the spare time Andrew enjoys writing for guest blogs about his own experience.

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