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Build Strong Social Relationships with Your Customers

What is brand? How can you build it, how can you make business logo recognizable and popular around the web and offline life? There is a difference between creating a business page in web and making a brand from a new website. In real life you have to make presentations, some posters, great commercials, work with audience and provide a great service in order your customers share your name to friends and other people.

In fact, promotion for web community is not very different from offline, the issue is that it involves another tools, but the techniques are the same. As well as reasons of success and failure are quite similar to old fashioned commercials. To be successful in any field you should have a name, not just a shoe-store, it is not funny, recognizable and it does not suit to be a brand-name at all. Be creative and come up with fresh and interesting ideas. Nobody wants to be in a community of shoe-store customers, it is boring and so plain. It is much interesting to use new words to name something and make them mean something after. So choose it carefully.

When you start a website and try to make a name on the web, first of all you should start social media profiles for you company and make them interesting for customers. One of the good and reasonable examples is H&M social pages. They have pages on Facebook and Google+ and Twitter and more, but everywhere editors post different content, so, the customer, who reads that, feels himself unique, and if he is subscribed to all their services, he get different content from every source. Nobody likes duplicates in web.

So, here is an idea for your social media pages: always create unique content, make your subscriber feel unique. What should you post to your commercial public social page? It could be any content your customers may like: videos, music, pictures and some useful information. Remember that people like funny pictures; they would preferably share a funny picture than a sad one, or plain one. If you need an audio track to make a video and it is encoded in wrong format, you can use wma to mp3 audio converter to make a change between formats.

So, you should remember three “do” to make your subscribers happy: unique, interesting and useful content. If you follow that easy guideline your community will grow and brand will become stronger.

Author Bio:- Kate Pirs is working with audio conversion tools and provides new information about wma to mp3 audio converter.

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