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5 Best Free Tools For Creating Simple But Sophisticated Websites

If you are looking to start your first website, you should definitely try one of the following tools. They are free and anyone can use them to build a free site.

1:- Weebly

Getting started with Weebly is easy; just enter a name for your project and choose the type of site you want to create. Options include Personal, Business, Wedding, Portfolio and Other. You can have your site hosted free of charge on Weebly’s servers, register a new domain or use a domain you already own.

The tab-based editor makes it easy to perform a wide range of tasks. These include dragging and dropping elements to the page, choosing a different site design (and customizing it as required), adding and managing pages, and editing site settings. You can also let several people edit your site, and assign them different levels of responsibility, such as author or moderator.

The elements you can drag and drop onto a page include paragraphs, pictures, videos, contact forms, columns and Google AdSense adverts (you share any revenue with Weebly). You can also insert multimedia features, such as a photo gallery, slideshow, YouTube videos and Google Maps, and add other useful functions, such as a feed reader, forums and online polls. Any changes you make to your site are updated instantly, so you always know exactly how it looks, Weebly also generates a mobile-optimised version that is displayed automatically to anyone visiting your site on a phone or tablet device.

Weebly generously lets you build two separate sites for free, both with unlimited pages, bandwidth and storage space.

How can it be improved?

Although you can add a Twitter feed or Facebook badge, this has to be done through the Custom HTML element, which won’t be obvious to most users. And though you can buy a site domain through Weebly, choices are limited to ‘.com’, ‘.net’ and ‘.org’ domains.

2:- Tumblr

Although it’s more of a blogging tool than Weebly. Tumblr is still a great means of creating your own web space. It’s incredibly simple to design your site/blog and, once it’s set up. you can post text, photos, links, audio and video by clicking icons at the top of the dashboard. You can preview a post, choose when to publish it, and share it on Facebook and Twitter, You can also create a custom URL for that item.

The stream in the dashboard shows all your posts, as well as notifications when people ‘reblog’ you. Tumblr is very social, and makes it easy for bloggers to follow one another.

It’s easy to customize your blog, and you can also manually edit the HTML and add custom CSS, Handily, Tumblr optimizes your site for mobiles by formatting your blog to display perfectly on iPhones and Android handsets.

How can it be improved?

Tumblr has a reasonable selection of themes, but we’d like to see a few more. The limit of 15 posts per page is a little restrictive, and it’s strange that you can import friends to follow via Gmail or Yahoo, but not through Facebook.

3:- Google Sites

Google’s web creator is very easy to use, whether you start with a blank layout or choose one of the available templates. The Toolbar at the top lets you edit the existing page and add more pages. You can subscribe to changes via email, alter the page settings, sign up for AdSense, and manage the site’s visibility in search results.

4:- Posterous Spaces

Like Tumblr, Posterous makes it easy to share content. You can change the theme of your space, and make it public or private. The service will also auto-post content to other blogs and social networks. There are apps for iPhone and Android so you can update your site on the move.

5:- Checkthis.com

This basic but useful creator lets you generate a single web page in seconds. You can choose if you want to “tell” something, “sell’ something, ask a question or invite people to an event. Checkthis also lets you change your page’s appearance and visibility in search results, and set an expiration date, then preview and publish the result.

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