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Build a Buzzing Social Networking Site Using Joomla

“If you are looking for contriving a targeted social networking community and getting confused in choosing the right web technology, then you can choose Joomla as a main web technology for developing your giant social networking website.”

Joomla is the most resourceful web technology for building all kinds of websites, right from the simple few pages websites to highly complex corporate websites. Written in PHP and using MYSQL as database, Joomla is the most customizable solution for constructing all kinds of websites. As PHP is an object oriented backend scripting language, thus it makes the Joomla customizable. In this way, you can contrive all kinds of websites using Joomla.

Is Joomla Suitable for Making a Social Networking Website?

It is a question that worth asking while choosing Joomla as an option. Since, Joomla is a customizable and resourceful content management system, but you need to install some customized extensions in your Joomla based social networking website for adding social networking functions in your website.

Have you found your social niche?

It is the most crucial step of making a buzzing social network. You need to determine your specific niche and your targeted users before taking a step further. Such niche allocation decides the main functions of your website. Thus, you should give the optimum importance to find a right user group for your site. For example, Facebook targets young users, who want to share their day-today lives with their friends and LinkedIn targets professionals.

Have You Decided Your Social Networking Functions?

After deciding your user group, you can decide needed functions of your social networking sites. Like, you need to decide that how much freedom you want to give to your social networkers. In this way, you can give options such as photo sharing, content publishing option, discussions options, and group within group features. The group within group feature is a most innovative feature for all social networking users. It helps the social networker to expand his or her circle in a specific user group. Thus, it can help you greatly in grabbing the interest of intellectual youngsters as well as fun loving folk. In this way, you can allow internal massaging, chatting, blogging, and event creation.

Explore majorly needed Joomla extensions for enhancing your social network’s functionalities

Although, you have completed the half distance to your goal, but you need to find and install the right Joomla components for enabling the decided functions at your website. In this way, you can make use of below mentioned components.

Jom Social: It is the most crucial component for your website. This component is based on Plugin system that insures the future of your website. You can add needful function in your social networking website at any point of time.

joomla social networking

Event List: This component deals with the event creation and registration. Thus, it will enable your users to create “birthday bash” kind of events within their circle. Thus, it is needful to install this kind of component on your website.

event list on joomla

My Blog: It provides the core Joomla feature and adds social blogging function in your website. Moreover, it can also be integrated with JomSocial.

joomla blog

Kunea: With the help of this Joomla component, you can add support forum on your website. In coming future, it can also be integrated with Jom Social.

joomla support forum

JReviews: Possess the integration facility with JomSocial and eventList, JReviews adds the reviewing and comment function in your social networking website.


All such above mentioned features speaks about the resourceful role of Joomla in building a buzzing social networking website. With Joomla, you can flourish your business of commercial social networking website.

Author Bio:- Mike Swan is a part time content writer & web designer by profession. He loves to share tips to business organization on WordPress, Drupal, Joomla PSD to Joomla theme conversion, PSD to Drupal conversion services and many more. You can log on to his business website Markupcloud.com for more information.

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  • Ashish Kumar

    November 7, 2012, 9:29 pm

    I have knowledge of Joomla. and its a great platform to create a social network website. But its a premium plugin and there are lots of other like jcow.
    I will suggest social network engine to make a social network website. it has powerful and nicely embedded code.


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