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Build a Blog You Can be Proud of

What to write on your blog is the big dilemma that millions of people face every day.  To over come the writers block you can follow the following 5 tips which will help you in your blogging career.

Headlines matter

You need to get understand that 8 out of 10 people read headlines but only 2 go on to read the article. Headlines need to easy enough to understand and must have a hook for people to want to find out more.  Try a few well known examples ‘Who else wants [blank]’ or ‘Learn how to [blank] like [market leader]’ there are hundreds of different variations on the headline and websites dedicated to how to write them. The thing to remember is they matter, so spend some time getting it right.

Be topical

The news is always evolving and there are stories everywhere that you can use to gain leverage. If your blog is about accountancy and financial regulation you can still try and think about how this relates to the current affairs that effect people’s lives.  ‘Here’s a way that Ernst and Young saved thousands from their payroll bill in November’

Be informed

Make sure you are up  to date with all the goings on within your industry. Look into Google Alerts which can alert you whenever there is a keyword or phrase you specify posted to the internet. This will allow you to know what is going on within your niche instead of crawling the internet searching for it. Most news sites are usually regurgitating what another one is reporting.

Try and find an angle

Look, read and listen to the news and then add your comment on it. Have all the main news outlets been  reporting from the same angle? ‘Rock star smashes up hotel room’ could be reported as ‘How hotels deal with bad customers’ or  Rock stars:  a survival guide to keeping them in check’, or ‘How to make sure you treat your guests like rock stars’ or ‘Top ten things rock stars throw out of hotel room windows’ or ‘Are plasma TV’s as satisfying to throw out of Hotel windows? A rock stars confession’.

Mainstream media are always looking for news and owning a blog is quicker and nimbler at getting the news out, so think what will people be searching for and how can I add value to this story? Adding your own twist on the news is nothing new, think ‘Crisis? what crisis’ and ‘Let them eat cake’ two news stories that changed history and two stories that we interpreted by the media to tell their story. Use the media! Learn how the best in business have been doing the same thing for centuries.

Be an expert, not an expert? Get an expert…

Always look to others in your industry for advice and consul, you’ll never know all there is to know about a particular subject so expand your blog by getting guest bloggers to write for you. Everyone else in your industry will have expertise in certain areas and by expanding your resources you’ll be able to produce more content.  Many larger blogs use guest bloggers to add content on a regular basis, so they can seem like the place to go for all the news.

Look to your suppliers and contacts that you know. Would any of them like to write a blog post about their views on the business? Are there people you have always wanted to contact in your industry and didn’t have a valid reason? Guest blogging is a huge part of the whole blogging scene and there are dedicated websites to finding bloggers and content for your blog such as My Blog Guest and Pro Blogger.

Only 38% of companies have a content strategy so get ahead of the curve and get some great content up today. Once you have it up on your website you should use all your social channels to reach out to people and let them know about it. By telling people you have just posted some must see news you’ll drive traffic and gain authority. Hopefully this article has inspired you to act and find new angles to blog about, happy blogging!

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