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Break Through iOS6 Version in the Upcoming iPhone 5

Apple devices work on its own operating system, which has been especially developed by its engineers. iOS has its own unique features, which are not similar with the other types of operating systems such as Android. There are many versions of the iOS and the latest version is iOS 6. It is a hyped operating system, in which Apple has included many new features. iOS 6 is currently a beta version and is currently not available for current Apple products. The upcoming Apple devices including the rumoured iPhone 5 and iPad mini probably will have iOS 6. Few of the most hyped features and apps of this operating system mentioned below.

Facebook Integration In iOS6 in iPhone

The Twitter integration in the iOS 5 iPhone was quite popular among the users. In the similar manner, iOS6 will feature Facebook integration. It is a very useful feature as Facebook has become a part of most of our social and online communication and users will now be able to share photos, URLs, locations seamlessly. The best part of this feature is that it is public, and you can even share the non-Apple apps.

Restrict The Kids Access To Your iPhone

Many times it happens that the kids accidentally hit the keypad of your iPhone and your purchased apps get used without any reason. To avoid such troubles, you can disable few particular parts of your iPhone screen. This feature has only been possible due to the iOS 6 version.

Interactive Passbook Feature OfiOS 6

With this interactive feature, now it has become very easy to book the tickets of various kinds. You can book your plane ticket, sports tickets, etc. along the ticket updates. This update is another very important application, which sends reminder during your departure.

Do Not Disturb And Reminder App Of iOS 6

With this app, you can send a message to your caller, when you are unable to respond to your callers. The message will be sent to your caller automatically, while you are busy in the meeting. Another interesting point of this app is that when the message is being sent, the light in the screen does not light up. So, when you are in a meeting the discreet feature will not distract anybody or takes the attention away from the speaker.

Advanced Version Of “Siri” In iOS 6

Siri has come up with much advanced feature in iOS 6 with more answers and help available. If you have any queries regarding sports or movies Siri will have the answers for you. The map in advanced Siri will direct you step by step direction of any location.

With the above mentioned features of iOS 6, you can imagine that it is much more advanced than its previous version iOS 5. There are many other features such as Game center challenge, Voiceover improvement, iCloud, personal dictionary, much improved setting with the facilities of calendar, contacts, images, kernel ASLR, etc. All these features were not included in its predecessor, and hence people are just crazy to enjoy all these feature as fast as possible. They are just waiting to seize the Apple device, which is equipped with this amazing iOS 6.

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