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Brave New Worlds; Social Media Marketing

In terms of social media marketing Face Book is “so yesterday”!  Now firmly established as a massive advertising brand, the actual potential on the site is still in doubt by many commentators.  Unlike your average search engine, the problem with social media sites is that they are populated by real people, which means marketing via these sites is a little more complex than old-fashioned internet marketing.  One trend that many web marketing experts have noted in the last year is the growth in pin board type site such a Pinterest or Fancy along with niche focused sites such as Tumblr.  These sites are all heavily based on visual ‘blog’ posting and they offer considerable advantages for those looking to promote their firms.

Reversed Adverts

Sites like this are a little bit like advertising – only in reverse.  The pin boards that users create give you a great deal of insight into exactly what each individual’s style and taste involves.  This means that you can ‘target’ members who are most likely to want to buy your wares.   Both Pinterest and Fancy have a strong design focus and although their membership is currently more female than male, that is changing.  Pinterest is a site that has rapidly grown in the last year and seems set to be the place to be in the coming year.

Creative Pros

Tumblr brands itself as the home for creative professionals on the web; again this makes it a great place to interact with potential consumers and other firms who work in similar fields to your own.  In terms of ‘partnership’ working this can be a great site to build links with firms and individuals who offer services and products that compliment your own.

Information Gathering

Quora is an interesting new site on which to develop a presence.  The site is a little like Wikipedia but feels more social and interactive.  Wiki is great for finding information, if you like your information bite-sized and not wholly accurate, while Quora offers the chance to establish links and build a reputation for expertise in your own field.

Social Media Strategies

Social media marketing is a subtle form of marketing that many in the online marketing world have yet to get to grips with.  The crucial techniques that many overlook are commitment and relevance.  This is understandable, as for many years online marketing has been a hoop jumping exercise designed to keep robots entertained.  Social media marketing techniques require more subtlety and a certain amount of humanity.  With this type of marketing you’re dealing direct with real people, not some Google-bot overdosed on algorithms.  Relevance is crucial as users will ignore badly thought out, or spammy communications.  Social media sites offer you the opportunity to find and interact with quality contacts and leads but the contacts and content you produce needs to also be of the quality kind.

Committed Relationships

Generating content for these sites should be done with care and commitment.  Time is valuable and investing time in creating attractive pages or relevant content will be well spent.  Developing links, friends and followings does not happen overnight and once made these links need to be cultivated.  Attention spans seem to be shorter than ever, as the ways in which we communicate expand.  Engagement is largely about entertainment-value on social media sites and keeping your contacts informed, with relevant information will retain that attention.

Social media platforms offer some potentially huge benefits for business, however, managing and handling contacts and campaigns requires a level of commitment and also requires quality content.

Author Bio:- Carlo Pandian is a professional blogger based in London and writes about tax, social media marketing and small business tax covering everything from online accounting software to Twitter tools. He loves reading great entrepreneur biographies, speaking at conferences and editing tutorials on invoicing software and management processes.

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