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Blunders you Need to Avoid In an Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is a fairly simple method used quite commonly in Internet Marketing, but the simplicity doesn’t mean that you can take it easy as far as planning and implementation is concerned. If not taken seriously, the marketing campaign will turn out to be a let-down. In fact, it can backfire in more than one ways if you continue to neglect the nitty-gritty. The truth is that the method might appear to be quite simple,but there are many fine points that you need to keep in mind, or your email marketing campaign might end up doing more harm to your business than good.

Following are some common blunders that you must avoid at any cost.

No professionally designed Template:

A professionally designed template doesn’t cost much, but it can make a big difference in the overall impact of your emails or newsletters. You can include excellent contents in your email but it is the presentation that will make the first impression, and you need to make that first impression count by using a professionally designed template with your business logo and images, so that your email can stand out from the crowd.

Too many Images:

Having a professionally designed template doesn’t mean that your email should start looking like a mini version of your website, with dozens of images and graphics? It’s true that images and graphics can make your email look a lot more appealing, however a big majority of users doesn’t have the images features enabled in their emails, and a template with too many images will end up looking like a mess if the users can see nothing but errors and crosses all over the place.

Too many calls to action:

Your email must have a good build up ending in a clear call to action (mostly a link that will take the users to some page of your website). However, you should not stuff too many calls-to-action in one single email, because that will only confuse the users. Keep your goals and objectives in mind, when compiling the contents of your email, everything from text to images and links should compliment the main objective.

Not tracking:

Just because email marketing is cheap (or almost free) doesn’t mean you should keep dispatching email after email, without ever tracking the performance. Tracking your emails will provide you with ample information to improve on future email marketing campaigns, by highlighting the specific types of content that brought the maximum visitors to your website.

No Unsubscribe link:

Not only it is a requisite, but not giving an option for users to unsubscribe will present your business/website in a negative way, doing more harm than good. If someone is getting irked by your emails, you should make it easy for him/her to unsubscribe.

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