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Blogging Traffic- How to Attract More Visitors

One new trend that is catching up is blogging. It has become popular as it provides a means for individuals, groups and companies to share out their ideas in a cheap way.

A blog can be used in various ways including:

  • It can be sued as a source of information for topics that are both current and history.
  •  Blogs can be used s a source of latest news.

However attractive this new trend seems, a blogger needs to ensure that they have enough traffic so that they can be able to get out their ideas. There are many methods that can be used to increase visitors to a blog. However, one needs to find a method that will not only be effective but also suitable for them.


One effective method that an individual can use is networks that they have already established. This can be through their family, friends and neighbours. If they like posts on their blog, they are more likely to tell their friends and this will result into more traffic.

Other blogs

A blogger can use other blogs to their advantage. One can also attempt to build a network from a popular blog. When an individual who is not known posts a blog on a popular site, many people will get to see it and if they like it they will be frequent visitors to that particular blog site.

An individual can also be a frequent visitor in several other blogs ensuring that they are in communication with other bloggers. These bloggers will in turn ensure that they also comment on an individual’s blog more frequently resulting into increased traffic.


After an individual has created a post, they should ensure that they put a link where visitors may be able to comment and say if they love their blog or not. This will lead to an increase in visitors as a blogger will be able to create a relationship with those who visit and comment on their blog.


A blogger should seek to create awareness of their blog among people. They can do this by participating in online forums and other activities and to ensure that they leave their blogging signature so that those who are interested will be able to find them.

Another method that a blogger can use to create awareness is to attend carnivals that have been organized by bloggers specifically for bloggers. Through this they will be able to meet more people and inform them about their blog. A blogger can take an even bolder step and organize this carnival and this will make him popular as bloggers are sure to attend leading to an increased traffic.


One can use optimized search engine to their advantage. Though they may not be able to get results when their blog is new, one will be able to reap in more benefits when it gets older.

However, the most effective method that can be used is to ensure that content that is in a blog is attractive and informative.

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