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Blogging for your Ecommerce Store, is it worth it?

We’ve all heard it before, whether you read it on a blog or heard it from your fellow internet entrepreneurs – the dominating thought of the day in internet marketing is that you should be blogging.

I know that when i first started my ecommerce website, i thought that my main traffic source would be google adwords or some other form of of external marketing that i would be paying for. I really didn’t even consider blogging to be an important part of my strategy. In my mind, it was what you did if you were starting a blog or if you were a big company wanting to ‘do’ social media.

My reasoning was that, sitting back and relying on traffic to ‘find’ me through my blog posts was just too much of a risk. And one, as it happens, that i was just not that willing to take. Besides, i didn’t want to be stuck sitting down writing, i wanted to be growing my business, i thought.

There was a lot of truth to my thinking – blogging in any old way and just waiting for people to simply ‘find’ you, is not gonna get you very far. I was slightly wrong to be dismissing blogging as a whole though, and this was mainly because i didn’t, at the time, have a very firm grasp of SEO, how it worked and just how effective it could be for an ecommerce store.

After doing a fair amount of research, i started to see that a lot of ecommerce sites, were infact not getting a lot of their traffic from external paid marketing sources, but were infact, getting a lot of their traffic from the search engines. And a lot of the way that they were doing it, was through blogging. But not just any form of blogging. They were blogging extremely efficiently and effectively in a way that most helped them to reach their own business goals.

Below i will share a few of the most effective ways that ecommerce sites use blogging to help them reach their business goals. These, when done well, can be extremely effective, helping your ecommerce site generate much more traffic and consequently much more money.

Here are the things i learned about blogging for an ecommerce store:

1. Give your best stuff to complimentary blogs when starting out – guest blog like hell

A solid SEO ecommerce blogging strategy is built on a firm guest blogging foundation. The biggest mistake that most people who blog for their ecommerce stores make is thinking that if they just produce ‘epic’ stuff for their own blog, then eventually someone will find it. That, in my own exprience atleast, is just not how it works. You need to give that epic value to as many other sites as you can, in the form of guest blogs, interviews and stuff like that, so that you have a steady stream of traffic coming your way. Then once you do that, you can start making epic shit and have it spread. Bonus points if you can do both of these things simultaneously, but i will tell you, that it is very hard. And its better to focus on giving away your best stuff at first.

2.  Write the content that people who will buy from you are looking for

Before you have significant data that will show you what kind of blog posts are likely to convert well, you will have to use your own common sense to find these. But in a nutshell, what you should be writing in the beginning is the kind of stuff that your potential customers would want to read. This could be just about anything, depending on the area you are operating in, but generally posts that give the customer something that is immediately actionable tend to work well. For example, if you sell something that helps people create their own books, then writing posts like, ‘How to come up with awesome book titles’ or ‘How to create a best seling book cover’ will generally work quite well.

 3. Consistency is everything. Set goals

In order to build a solid base of users who not only read your stuff but also buy from you regularly, you need to be consistent. It’s no use writing a post or even a guest post once in a while if you are not consistent about it. It will not move the needle. You need to blog regularly to increase your ranking in the search engines and to get more traffic. Which is why it is wise to set yourself goals and targets and keep yourself accountable. Generating traffic through blogging is about how much you put in. The more you do, the more you’ll get out of it.

It is definitely worth it

If you are able to create a plan and effectively follow it through with consistency then you will be able to reap the amazing benefits that blogging for your ecommerce site can reap. Doing this well takes a lot of hard work, but if you can push through and get it done, then i can promise you, that it is definitely worth it.

Do you have an ecommerce store that you have been blogging to help promote? What has been your experience?

Let me know in the comments!

Author Bio:- This is a guest post from Tapha, an entrepreneur and the Founder of MyAppTemplates.com, a site that provides custom iPhone app templates to people who cannot afford to spend $1,000s on their iPhone app design.

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  • Salman Ahmad

    November 27, 2012, 9:27 pm

    Running An e commerce blog really a difficult job cuz it needs a lot of resources.

    • Tapha

      November 29, 2012, 4:58 pm

      Hi Salman,

      Not necessarily – you just need to have a manageable blog posting and upkeep schedule, the rest, most of the time, will take care of itself.


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