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Blogging – A Great Way to Earn Money for Moms While They are on Maternity Leaves

Who says you can’t work during pregnancy? All you need is a laptop, an internet connection and an online platform where you can write to your heart’s content – not to mention that you can earn real well with just typing away meaningful words. In fact, you can launch a blog helping the millions of expecting mothers out there to understand each phase of pregnancy. You can share real time experiences and help those women deal with pregnancy blues. Not only that, if you are a good writer and you’re studying extensively on this topic, you can even apply for freelance writing. You can write multiple articles a day on a full time maternity leave and earn pretty good cash sitting comfortably on your couch. The extra income will definitely be a big help for you and your family in this time of high inflation and bad economies.

Sounds interesting? Read on …

Launch a Blog and Put on Some Ads

Blogging allows almost anyone with good writing skills to express their views and opinions for the world to read. Thanks to Google Ads, you can easily earn from your blog provided you spend a little time to market and publicize the blog. Write as many articles as you can, making sure there’s no compromise to quality information. One of the best ways to attract readership is to give real time information – not fluff or rewrites which are available in abundance on other web pages. You can create a website on WordPress, and activate a Google Adsense account to start earning, both WordPress and Adsense are quite easy to use and you can get a grip on both by spending just a day or two on reading. The best part is you don’t need to invest any money at all (except for some bucks spent on domain and hosting).

Approach Companies Offering Freelance Writing

If launching and managing blog is not your cup of tea, then you can simply approach publishers having relevant blogs and websites. These publishers usually have multiple blogs they are always looking for credible writers to join their team. You may have to write a couple of samples to apply because they would want to see your writing skills. Platforms like oDesk, Elance, Guru are ideal places where you can find work. Getting your first orders will take some time and bidding, but once you do, the doors to earning cash online is wide open for you to enter.

Approach Well Known Blogs and Offer To Write

There are hundreds of well-known blogs which are read by thousands of people across the globe. Popular blogs like Jezebel and iVillage are ideal spots where you can share your writing for women to read. You can formally approach the blogs and request to be a part of their team of contributors. Initially, you may have to write as a guest blogger for free,but once they see you as a valuable contributor with excellent insight, they will consider hiring you to be a paying writer of their blog.

All this does require time and effort but since you’re already on maternity leaves, why waste such an opportunity? Who knows you may find this as your primary way to earn good cash while being a stay at home mom because that’s what thousands of stay at home moms are doing in this age of internet revolution.

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  • Amir Baloch

    April 16, 2013, 11:14 pm

    I love the way you are blogging best wishes for you..


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