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Why Should Data Be Archived?


Modern businesses and industries are moving at light speed. Every day, there are tons and tons of data being produced, which requires archiving. Whether it is for robust backup or simply data preservation, archived data can be handy for many [...]

How Can IT Consulting Help Your Business?


Does your business need expert IT assistance? In such cases, the most reasonable decision is to hire IT consultants. These consulting professionals offer their services in many areas, such as strategic planning, budgeting, security audits, cloud and data migration, custom [...]

5 Responsive Email Design Tips

Email Marketing

Modern problems require modern solutions. And, when it concerns email designs, you need to be spot on to communicate precise and call-to-action details. Speaking of which, consumers are increasingly moving mobile for their interactions and communications needs. Another element that [...]

3 Things You Should Consider Before Choosing A Kubernetes Distribution


As one of the leading tech names for efficiency-boosting software, if you’ve decided to use a Kubernetes distribution for your applications, you’ll have the pick of the lot—from RKE to OpenShift to Rancher to Azure AKS, the choice is yours. [...]

How to Market an Audiobook Promoting Your Business


It is true to say that audio is one of the quickest-growing segments in the world of digital media. As more people opt to consume information on their favorite hobbies and industries via on-demand audiobooks, it’s an opportunity for businesses [...]

8 Quick & Easy Instagram Story Ideas for Marketing

Social Media

Instagram Story is the best place to engage followers, introduce new products, and increase your brand’s awareness. More than 500 million users watch Instagram Stories daily for their needs and sometimes spreading business. So you must use the feature of [...]