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BitTorrent Goes After Dropbox with ‘Sync’

When it comes to syncing files between multiple computers and devices, Dropbox is pretty much the undisputed champion. Dropbox is one of the biggest digital file backup companies in the world, and it is the choice of millions of people who want to share files between devices. While Dropbox is definitely successful, they’ve got a new challenger on the block: Bittorrent.

Bittorrent has already taken on some pretty big forces in the online world and done well. With this latest effort, they are poised to take on the concept of file sharing between computers.

Bittorrent Sync is a service that is currently in the development and beta stage. Users can download the program, although it is incomplete. You can put it on your computer and use it to share files between devices. With this program, the data will only be stored on the user’s computers. It will just sync between devices as soon as the user uploads a file. This prevents you from having to attach a file to an email and send it back and forth between devices. The program will also ensure that the information will be encrypted

Tweaking the Product

If you are thinking about trying out Bittorrent Sync, keep in mind that it is currently a very raw version. Their plan is to get a large group of people using it and then listen to their feedback. Based on the user feedback, they will then go back and continually tweak the program. They are dedicated to creating the best file syncing service available anywhere. With the help of users, they want to make something that is very user-friendly and gets the job done every time. If a file syncing service is unreliable, then it is not worth using and can be very frustrating.

Since it is in the pre-alpha release stage, it is still very early on in the process. This means that many of the features of the Bittorrent Sync application are still unknown. However, with Bittorent’s history of innovation, it is poised to be a major player in this realm.


One of the key differences between Dropbox and Bittorrent Sync seems to be in how the files will be stored. With Dropbox, the files are stored on a remote server and then accessed by the devices that are synced with that account. By comparison, with Bittorrent, they don’t seem to be offering any storage for the files. Instead, all of the files will still be saved on the computer hard drive. They will simply be sent instantly to all of the other devices that are attached to this account.

If you’re not necessarily interested in getting any additional storage for files, then Bittorrent might be the way to go. If you like the idea of having your files stored on a remote server, so that they can be accessed from anywhere no matter what happens to your computer, then Dropbox might be the superior option.

The Bittorrent Sync program is bound to be altered and improved over the coming months. What the finished product will look like remains to be seen and it could be a major improvement over the types of syncing software that is currently available on the market. If Bittorrent remains true to form, expect it to be something special.

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