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The Best Ways to Print Digital Photographs

Print Digital Photographs

Even if you are not a professional, you have probably taken a photograph that was so perfect that it had to be displayed. You may have already shared it on your blog and social media, but when all of the elements combine to create that perfect picture, you knew that it must be printed and displayed in the three-dimensional world.

Over the last few years, smartphones have enabled amateurs and everyday folks to take photos that are nearly professional-grade. One unfortunate side effect of this is the fact that now every kid with the latest iPhone believes him- or herself to actually be a professional photographer. However annoying that may be, this also allows us to capture perfect photographic moments like never before.

If you have taken that perfect photo– either on your phone or with a real-life camera– and you are looking for the perfect way to bring it to life, you are in luck. There are dozens of printing methods available to the public that were once only accessible (and affordable) to professionals.

Some of these techniques can creatively enhance your photos, and others will subtly allow the unique qualities of the picture to shine on their own. Whether it was an adorable moment of the family at their most loving, or a rare display of natural beauty, you can choose the right printing method to showcase your photo and exemplify your creativity.

Canvas Prints

One of the most common forms of printing is on canvas. This enables you to turn your photographs into works of art by printing them on canvas in a form that is ready to display.

There are several services online that allow you to upload your photo and customize it before printing it. You can also choose any size and shape, as well as several framing and mounting options.

Acrylic Prints

Printing and displaying your photos with acrylic provides some of the most beautiful, vibrant images available. Whether it is a professional photograph from your wedding, or a quick shot of the landscape from the road, the right acrylic display can make your special picture something unforgettable.

“The light refracts within the acrylic,” says Tate Dwinnell of Bumblejax. “Looking at your photo through acrylic creates a high-definition vibrancy unlike any other presentation.”

Wood Prints

Wood printing has become very popular over the last few years. This method creates a unique blend of rugged earthiness and modern style that is not possible with any other type of printing. Landscapes and nature photos are uniquely suited to wood printing, but it can also give a creative flavor to portraits and family photos.

DIY Printing

If you have a USB cable and a good printer, you may be able to do your own printing at home. However, even though many high-end home printers are capable of creating professional quality prints, there are some limitations and drawbacks to DIY printing.

First, your home printer will not allow you to create any large-scale prints. Even if you are only looking for small copies, it can become expensive to buy the paper and ink necessary to print high-quality photos. It can also be incredibly time-consuming, even if you are familiar with the technical aspects of printing.

With the dozens of printing services currently available– with various price ranges, customization levels and delivery options– professional printing will usually be the best option. You should be able to find the perfect service to help turn your beautiful picture into a true work of art.

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