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Best Way to Write for the Web

The web and blogs in particular offers us all an opportunity to put what we want to say into words for the world to read. It doesn’t matter if you’re blogging on the web to make money or just to share your passions in life it’s important that you write content that is engaging and keeps your readers wanting more. Writing content on the web is different to any other and the main challenges we face is the incredibly short attention span most of our readers have.

If your content does not grab their attention almost immediately there is a very real chance you will lose the reader to another site. In an effort to attract more readers and keep them interested in what you have to say it’s important that you build content that first of all; will grab their attention, but also keep them reading through your article.

And here are some tips on how to do that.

Before you sit down to write your piece it’s important that you have researched what you want to write and you know all the facts and figures. It’s also important that you know what questions people are asking. If you know the questions people are asking you will be in a better position to provide them the best answer. Knowing what people want will also make each aspect of the article easier to write because you can target each section of your article at that audience and make them more willing to firstly click on your link but more importantly they will be more willing to read through what you have to say.

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The heading

This is one of the most important thing about any article. If your heading does not grab their attention then the chances of them reading through your article will be greatly diminished. The headline needs to be punchy and tell the reader exactly what they will find if they keep reading through your piece.

Opening paragraph

If you’re heading has done its job the reader will feel compelled enough to at least read the first paragraph of the article. In this section you need to firstly reinforce what the heading has told them and what valuable information that reader will have gained if they continue to read your piece.

Article body

This is the bulk of your article and it’s where you need to answer the questions that you alluded to in both the heading and the opening paragraph. Back your answers up with facts figures or images, these will help to pull the eyes of the reader through your article and give them a clear indication of what they can expect to find if they read your full post.


In the final piece of the article you should try and force home the points you have been trying to make throughout your article. The closing section gives you one last chance to reiterate what you have been trying to tell them throughout the article and gives you one last chance to get your point across.

Most of the articles we read are generally broken down into these four sections, how you tackle each of the sections will depend on a number of different things including the audience you’re trying to write for and the points you’re trying to get across. Different audiences will have different goals in mind and will expect to learn different things from your article, how you cater for both of the these types of audiences will only come with experience.

By-line: This is a guest post by Neil Jones who is head of marketing for eMobileScan, one of Europes largest online retailers of handheld computers and barcode scanners, including the Symbol MC9090 and Motorola MC55

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