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5 Best and Unique Android Apps to Install in 2016

Internet and mobile devices have changed the contemporary world for better; today we are able to access the best of services from the remotest corners of the world. One click and we can order food, acquire groceries and pay our electricity bills.

The amazing world of mobile devices and their applications have simplified lives, and leveraged people with the power to do more. Now with mobile apps, it is easier to do things people always wanted to do and do the things with great ease.

2015 was a great year for Android Apps and 2016 is also expected to see the rise of app.

Here, we bring to you a unique list of 5 best Android apps to install in 2016 and simplify your life:

1#- RepubliqIn


After a long day at work, everyone looks forward to some fun with friends and peers. Finding the perfect place for hanging out and enjoying good drinks and snacks is always a task. Sometime choices are unlimited and hassle is to find one that fits the criteria. Othertimes, it is hard to find any good place when we are not familiar with the area.The world of Android apps have tried to solve this problem but only a handful of them have been able to do it.

RepubliqIn is the only app that helps people locate bars and pubs in the city with great ease. With featured-packed interface, it helps solve your problem of finding the perfect hangout point ,and also allows you to do things you always wanted to do.

One can use this amazing app for locating economical pubs and bars. This app simplifies search options and allow people to find pubs with offering Happy Hours. Couple of clicks on the app and you can track down a pub or bar that serves you with the best of experience. This amazing app has come to the rescue of hundreds of people who are left with no energy at the end of hectic day at work.

RepubliqIn is for every professional who likes to hang-out with friends or one who loves to party a lot. By using this app, you will be able to locate pocket-friendly pubs and bars and save some money at the end of the day.

[Install from PlayStore]



MODECAST is one of the best weather application ever developed. This application helps you understand the weather pattern from around the world with great ease. You can keep a tab on the weather of next 3 to 7 days and plan your travel accordingly. This is one app that leverages people with foresighted, one can manage future plans with great ease.

The simple user interface of the application allows people to understand everything with great ease. One can set reminders and can also let the app remind them the update weather condition from time to time.

[Install from PlayStore]

3# – Action Launcher 3


This probably is one of the best launcher app for android ever developed. This amazing app allows people to increase the speed of their phone while the exquisite interface delivers a hassle free experience.

It is very small size and runs really smoothly on almost every android device. The unique thing about this launcher app is that it changes the interface of your android phone completely and serves you with a new and a unique experience. A lot of people have downloaded it and the reviews are raving in for this quality launcher. It is surely going to give heavy competition to other popular launchers in the market.

This launcher has in-built anti-virus, memory cleaner, cache cleaner and other important things like memory management, brain drain management and file management systems.

[Install from PlayStore]

4# – Avast


Almost every techie is aware of Avast and its usage. This one anti-virus is probably the best for mobile devices, it is small in size, takes less space and runs with great ease. It can help you enjoy access to the best of files without worrying about the virus attack.

With Avast anti-virus in your phone you can browse through the Internet without worrying a lot. You can go out and download all the movies, songs and videos you want to download. Nothing is going to attack your phone or steal your files if you have got this specific anti-virus installed on your phone. The time to time anti-virus scan this app runs is amazing and simplifies lives for better.

Avast is simply the best anti-virus for android phones because it serves with great benefits. It is free and can be used for removing the most innocuous of viruses with great ease. The reviews for this one app on Play Store is amazing. People from the remotest corners of the world use this anti-virus for keeping their phones virus free and running with great ease.

[Install from PlayStore]

5# – Chrome Beta


Gone are the days when Chrome was just a web browser on mobile phones. Though most of android phones come with pre-installed Chrome but here is a new version of Chrome that will change and revolutionize the way you browse Internet on your phone.

Chrome Beta is the Chrome of future generation. The ultra fast speed, unbeatable processing speed and easily customizable features will serve you with a new kind of experience. The amazing quality of service that Google promises through this new browser is incredible and appreciable.

The whole world is looking forward to more and more such quality apps from Google. Chrome Beta is available for download on Play Store. One can always read the posted reviews in order to develop an understanding about the features of the product and then decided whether to download or not.

Chrome Beta is for everyone who wants to access Internet with great ease and at fast pace on their mobile devices. It is available for mobile phones as well as for tablets.

[Install from PlayStore]

Be it Chrome Beta or RepbluqIn, all of these apps are going to change the way people interact with technology and how it simplifies their lives. Today people from all cities and towns are accessing these apps like never before and are making the most of everything.

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  • Amit

    February 19, 2016, 4:39 pm

    I m currently using Republiqin app its working fine amazing app to find bars ad pubs in Delhi.


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