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Best Tech Gadgets for Gifting This Holiday Season

The festive season around the corner, it is time to hunt for gifts and for a change technical gadgets are proving to be one of the best gifts for this holiday season. Here is the list of the best tech gadgets which you can gift someone for this Christmas –

  • Nook HD – Nook HD from Barnes & Nobles is one of the best gifts for this Christmas season with its enhanced features like – high resolution HD, sleek, highly portable, and moreover no ads. The gadget provides the best reader as well as media experience. The Nook HD is available at $199 and $299.
  • Wii U The best gaming console that can be gifted during this season comes from Nintendo. The upgraded Wii console is much available at $299.99 this holiday season. The console has a touch-screen controller attached to the game console and it allows players to use the GamePad and traditional controllers simultaneously. The console also includes TVii, an application store which lets the user to connect to various streaming sites including – Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.
  • Apple TV One of the best gadget available under the $100 and provides the best entertainment for its viewers. The digital media receiver from Apple Inc. The receiver helps to play digital content from various channels and media like – iTunes Store, Netflix, Hulu Plus, iCloud, MLB.tv, NBA League Pass, YouTube, and Flickr.  It also supports devices connected to Mac OS X or Windows computer running iTunes through an enhanced high-definition television.
  • Amazon Kindle The basic Amazon Kindle, even though a non-touch screen is one of the best gift for a reader.  The compact and the much affordable e-book reader have the enhanced E-Link screen and Wi-Fi.  The gadget provides over a thousands of books, magazines, journals, and much more. With the highly durable battery charges the gadget can run for weeks.
  • Samsung BD-E5700 player – The Samsung Smart Blu-ray player is one of the best gadgets for TV apps and enhanced Blu-ray experience. The gadget comes in with a built-in Wi-Fi and is available at $109 this festive season. The Smart Hub feature in the device helps the viewer to access new content and apps. Various apps available in the BD-E5700 include – Think Netflix, Pandora, Facebook, HBO Go, and much more. It also lets the user to organize and view slide shows for a high resolution, which can be enjoyed in a big screen.

Author Bio:- Julian Robert is a copywriter for mobile application development company, Zco Corporation

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