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Best Practices in Digital Marketing Industry

Technically, digital marketing refers to marketing activities on the digital platform. But in the present time, the importance of the term is not restricted to its literal meaning. As new strategies are developed by different online marketing agencies as well as individual freelancers, the growth of digital marketing is increasing leaps and bound.

Digital marketing involves best practices in SEO, social media, PPC, email and newsletter marketing, video marketing and content marketing. The main advantage of digital marketing is its being cost-effective if compared to marketing through other media channels such as print and television. The next big advantage is reach. The reach of internet marketing is huge. Millions of users log on everyday and by reaching to these users, businesses could turn them into consumers. Print and broadcast media doesn’t offer such privilege; a business can only reach to a small segment (Mostly local or regional) of users through newspaper and TV advertising.

Businesses as well as online marketers are recommended to have a solid idea on the latest trends and techniques in the digital marketing domain. Some of the top trends in 2012 are following;

Ethical SEO

Till last year, it was recommended. But after the Panda update by Google, ethical SEO is a must. Without digging deep into the technicalities of the update, its main points can be summarized as, quantity of links is no more important, but quality is. In other words, a bulk amount of backlinks will no longer increase the ranking of the site; these links should be qualitatively high. User-friendliness of a website has become next to none in importance after this update. Unique and high quality content overnight became more important than keyword staffing and other routine techniques in SEO. Google started valuing social media incoming links as well after the update.

Content Optimization

Digital marketing trends in 2012 put high value on optimization of content. Quality apart, the content must fully exhibit the theme of the business and trigger at user friendliness. Digital marketers spend ample amount of time developing content strategy, which not only includes content, which gets uploaded into the website, but also content used in newsletters and for SMO.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is a top trend in 2012. Perhaps the biggest benefit of video marketing is user engagement. Users love watching videos. If the video contains gripping audio-visual content, it will provide the brand visibility across a lot of users. In 2012, importance of video marketing is so talked about that even high-profile brands are spending a lot on video marketing. The only limitation is, there aren’t so many video marketing channels other than YouTube.

Mobile Marketing

Hardly any brand pay attention to mobile marketing. However, number of mobile users is increasing day after day and the reach of handheld devices such as Tablets and Smartphones is also increasing with passing of each day. Good news for brands is, services like Foursquare, Gowalla and Facebook Places are there to facilitate mobile marketing and newer mobile marketing circles are also being created.

Those aforesaid online marketing techniques could offer a brand outstanding visibility. But it is possible only if the strategies are implemented properly.

Author Bio:- Maria John has plenty of years of experience in writing on digital marketing, SEO, social media optimization and related areas.

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  • Rana Ahammed

    September 11, 2012, 6:10 pm

    This one is the more informative post about the online marketing. As a seo analyst i think it will be the helpful to the seo professional gather information.

    Thanks for nice post

  • icreongame

    September 11, 2012, 11:22 am

    Very good points. After Panda update its very difficult to do SEO but if you can maintain quality you can achieve the results.


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