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Best Practices for SEO

SEO is one of the most important aspects that businesses need care when they are launching a website. It does not matter if the company offers its services online as most customer look online to identify the business’ authenticity. If the website does not turn up in the first page of the search, chances are that the customer will have a poor impression of the business.

Here are some of the basic tips to make sure that your webpage will be indexed accurately by search engines. These tips take into account the sweeping changes that Google is making to the way results are displayed. For instance, the focus is on local SEO with results relevant to your location being displayed above the globally most popular pages.

If your business is location centric, like say a restaurant, make sure that your business listing is placed in as many reputable sources of information possible. Take advantage of Google Places listings, and remember that reviews on Google count more than those on third party sites. With this in mind, make sure that your information is displayed consistently without any change in spellings.

SEO can no longer be separated from social networks. Search engines use social cues from networking sites to personalize an individual’s search experience. Thus include a social media component for any SEO that you undertake.

When optimising the keywords for your website, you need to think about it from two angles. The first centres the high frequency words that are connected with the topic. The second and more important angle to think about is what the person who is searching for your product category is likely to key in the search engine. Focussing on the second angle will help you optimise the web-page with greater efficiency.

The best way to do SEO is by focusing on the generation of high quality content. Search engines are able to spot paid and links that spam. In this scenario, make sure that the content on your website is relevant and accurate. A key strategy is targeting blogs that are not directly matched to your industry, but which can quote some relevance.

Use Google Analytics to keep track of your SEO efforts. Using simple key performance indicators like number of people landing on your page, click-through rate, bounce rate and the number of keywords that actually bring traffic to your page is the best way to showcase results of your SEO efforts.

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