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Best Places to Find Quality Online Writing Jobs

Beginning in 2011, Google began rolling out the Panda and Farmer adjustments to its search engine so that websites that were perceived to feature low quality content were pushed down in search results. As a result, many websites, including content farms, saw their readership plunge and their ad revenue slashed.

What this meant for writers was drastically reduced amounts of available work; many websites fell by the wayside altogether. However, it does not mean that online writing is dead. Instead, writers who are willing to do a little digging, and who consistently produce high-quality work, can find good paying online writing jobs.

The websites listed below represent only a sample of online freelance outlets available. An Internet search for “freelance writing” reveals online job boards, blogs devoted to freelance writing and other resources for job leads.  Another strategy is to contact online publications directly, either by phone or email.

Constant Content

There are two ways to make money by writing for Constant Content: selling your own articles and responding to requests. Posting your own articles involves writing the articles, then submitting them for editorial approval. You must also include write a brief summary of your article, plus set the price you wish to receive. Constant Content takes a 35 percent cut of each article’s selling price.

Writers may also respond to requests made by publishers. There are public requests, which allow submissions from all writers; writer pool requests, which only accept submissions for writers approved for that particular pool; as well as private and standing requests reserved for specific writers. Prices for requests are set by publishers.

Constant Content accepts writers worldwide, but you must pass a quiz to be approved. In addition, every article goes through strict editing. Constant Content pays through PayPal for amounts under $500 US; amounts over $500 US may be paid by PayPal or wire transfer. Writers may elect to be paid either once or twice per month.


Craigslist has a bad reputation among freelancers, which to some extent is well deserved.  There are a lot of scam “jobs” listed on Craigslist. However, if you know how to sift through the junk, there are legitimate, good-paying freelance jobs to be found.

An ad that demands an original writing sample as a “test” should set off flashing red lights and alarms in your head. This is a common scam by which unscrupulous publishers trick writers into providing content for free.  On the other hand, if the ad links to a company website that has contact information, this is a good sign. A major advantage of finding jobs through Craigslist is that you can work with local clients or with clients located anywhere in the world.


Ebyline was launched in 2009 as a clearing house for writers and editors to negotiate freelance writing projects. Writers must apply with published writing samples to be included in the database of approximately 1,900 approved freelancers. Recent paid writing experience, a background in journalism and evidence of subject matter expertise all count toward whether you’re approved.

Once you’re in, you can respond to pitches on the Pitch Board. If you’ve established relationships with one or more editors, you can also pitch your own ideas directly to them. After your stories are approved by editors, Ebyline invoices them automatically. Invoicing occurs weekly, but editors have up to 30 days to pay.  You must have a PayPal account and be eligible to work in the United States to write for Ebyline.

Obtaining Online Writing Work

Be prepared to contact several potential clients when you begin searching for online writing jobs. The first few clients are the hardest to obtain. Once you’ve established a reputation, it will be easier to market yourself to higher-paying publishers.

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Author Bio:- David Kendall contributed this guest post on behalf of WhoIsHostingThis.com – click here for more information on their hosting reviews. David is a freelance technology writer and his articles appear on various marketing blogs.

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