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Best Online Trends of 2012: Social Media, SEO & Blogging

With the evolving technology and the internet, the trend of online media is changing accordingly. These trends largely affect the things that we do on the internet. Also, it provides excellent results and outcomes. Therefore, it is important for us to know about the best online trends. Some of the best online trends of 2012 are in social media, SEO, online videos, blogging, and web designing.


The results produced by the search portals or local search are more cluttered. A number of changes lead to the stuffed information that is confusing. Some small results and content are shown directly on Google without clicking through the site. Google has become efficient in displaying results before an individual even finish typing. The instant predictions of Google can be annoying at times. This is due to the fact that Google has profiles, history and toolbar to save your information.

Another popular trend in search is of speech recognition available in Siri. It allows faster search and has become more popular. The search using mobile will continue to grow providing ease and convenience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Other data sources such as quality ratings of human and feedback have become effective. Links and PageRank are less of a considered factor for Google now. The update of the feature is less important than a latest update of Google. It is a fresh approach for the improvement of searching.

The main focus of the best online trend is to provide quality websites with features that offer readability and usability. A bigger concept of SEO is becoming a part of online trend integrated with CRO. SEO concentrates on achieving traffic, while CRO focuses on working of the traffic.

Social Media

Social networking market of Google+ is still insignificant because Facebook has a much greater share. However, Facebook is descending losing the members last year due to scandals of privacy. For a few years, social media and customer relationship management were united, but could not merge. In order to save time and effort, users are allowed to combine email, CRM and social media sites using simple tools.


The blogging was done less frequently last year. Focus of the bloggers was on the quality instead of quantity. Now, this process may reverse with the new algorithm of Google.

Businesses and corporate have given up blogging due to failure. However, mini blogging is growing bringing it to the top. In addition, the bloggers are focusing more on the decoration of text, breaks and lists for better readability.

Web Development

Flash is no longer used and will not occur anymore. The keyword usability was more popular, but now people are more interested in UX design. Font-face usage has started to work in many browsers providing readable and beautiful typography. It has taken many years and procedures for replacement to make it work.

In the online world, there is so much happening in the trends in 2012. Keep yourself updated with the latest web trends, changes and improvements.

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