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Best of Office Gadgetry

Everyone likes a gadget and the office is a place where you will want to choose one that will be of most use. After all, some gadgets provide a temporary bit of amusement but go on to be rarely used. The best office gadgets are not just novelties, but provide a clever means of improving work flow. A high quality gadget will pay for itself if you use it regularly, saving time for other business tasks.

The Babble voice privacy system is a cool gadget that allows you to conduct private conversations by garbling the sound of your voice. A mish mash of nonsense is all that your colleagues will hear when you are holding a phone conversation through the Babble system. The gadget employs patented technology which allows you to speak freely at work, no matter what you have to say, making it ideal for open plan offices.

Epsons WorkForce Pro

A number of manufacturers have launched mini humidifier gadgets recently. These devices, which can be purchased to run from a simple USB socket on a computer, keep the air moisture at a good level. Too many offices have air conditioning systems that can dry your throat and leave your eyes tired. A mini humidifier will ensure that you feel comfortable all day, helping you to work more efficiently. Another range of office gadgets worth checking out is Epson’s WorkForce Pro range of business inket printers. Epson is well known for manufacturing printers but this series of electrical products do more than just print. The ‘all in one box’ ethos means that each of the gadgets in the range has been designed for space saving efficiency that is essential in a modern office or home workplace. The print engines offer a fast rate of work and the auto document feed means you can use it as a copier or a scanner without having to stand over the unit to deliver it each fresh page. The range affords wireless networking, so no unsightly cables, and the ability to print remotely from mobile devices.

There are a number of security gadgets that have been launched into the office surveillance market this year. Tiny cameras have been around for a long time, but devices that store surveillance material need much less power than before and can capture ever increasing amounts of video. Check out the office pens that double as surveillance cameras. Just clip one into you pocket to record meetings and co-workers. All you need to do is to download the captured images to a computer via a USB interface. Have a look at VanguardTech’s camera pen which can hold a massive 4GB of recordable data. Other surveillance camera gadgets that sit inside conventional office equipment, such as pocket calculators, are also available.

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